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For $1800 they received 174 design concepts from 41 designers!

  • Award 1
    AR by Kreativa_Studio
  • Award 2
    Variation by mattjumper
  • Award 3
    01 by mfourex

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Starts:17-Sep-09 8:21 a.m. GMT

Ends:27-Sep-09 1 a.m. GMT


Award 1: $1000, was awarded to Kreativ...

Award 2: $400, was awarded to mattjum...

Award 3: $400, was awarded to mfourex




Preview: crowdSPRING Contract


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Uploaded on 17-Sep-09 8:23 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 19-Sep-09 5:27 a.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.


Tony Robbins has been helping people step up for years. The present design for his company's website is in serious need of replacement. He's put his trust in the C-Spring creative Community and EarthToMars, to deliver a rich, raw, original artistic creation to use as a bed for his Home Page's required content.


A Single Unique Page

.............A Single Unique Designer


Just about anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life, be it mentally, emotionally, financially... how ever.


We are looking for something that in no way replicates the design of this example, rather something that generates a similar feeling in the user. Notice the simplstic color choice and modular central content area. We like the emotional nature of this design and would like something that captures it's essence with passion.


We have included a mock-up of all of the elements that need to be included on the RRI Home Page.

There are a few things we don't want:

1) Anything that feels cold or overly corporate in any way
2) Copies of the example we have given
3) Anything which is too busy (including color use - artful minimalism is key here)

Here's what will win the contest:

A truly original design with room for all of the elements found in the attached mock-up.
Something that is inviting and aspirational, raw, real, and rich in it's final delivery.

Essentially, we're looking for a peice of art with a modular central area for the technical stuff. Use your talent to tie it all together for us.

EarthToMars is notorious for the high quality of feedback given. We will be using video to help guide the contest, including some commentary along the way by Tony Robbins himself, so watch for links!

Brief updates

By Earth2Mars on 17-Sep-09 8:25 a.m. GMT
A message from Tony Robbins can be found here:
By Earth2Mars on 19-Sep-09 4:59 a.m. GMT
Video commentary from Mars at:
By Earth2Mars on 19-Sep-09 6:31 p.m. GMT
Heres a second video comeentary by Mars
Feel free to post a constructive video response.
By Earth2Mars on 20-Sep-09 3:35 a.m. GMT
Hi all here is the audio file TR sent me. It's pretty informative. Everyone should check it out, especially Shadowtrack!
By Earth2Mars on 22-Sep-09 5:26 a.m. GMT
Just to clear things up. The highest rating I will give until I get some feedback from Tony himself is 3 stars.

1 Star = thanks, but throw me something else
2 Stars= On the right track but there's something not meeting the requirements TR has added/given
3 Stars= I think it meets all of the requirements, but let's wait to see what Tony says, 'cause I don't want to take away any Stars
$=Tony/RRI said they like it directly

IN the meantime, things he's / we're seeing:
. cleaner, simpler is better
. one video and opt - in box as part of that is WAY better to focus the eye than two main pieces that compete (i.e. the UPW content). At the same time, we need a place to put some content / stories / news for returning visitors
. the ones who are using texture and light are drawing TR's eye and brand better
. not the ones that have other graphics or gimmicks
. many of them have too much wasted real estate around the borders - like it to be clean but it shrinks the overall real estate when you have these wildly big borders
. Events/Product/Coaching - HUGE part of what we offer and these buttons need to stand out on whatever design we end up with.
. Think of this as an 'achiever' brand with top-end customers (porsche not hundai or volvo) - that is usually simple, elegant colors, not too much going on, but clear where to go...

(I'm guessing TR is going to love #59 by Shadowtrack the best but we'll see - that one still isn't there either but getting closer. That and #74 I see as still the top competitors right now. Some other nice new directions though too.)

Thanks for everything - more soon!
By Earth2Mars on 23-Sep-09 5:33 a.m. GMT
OK Designers. It's up! View TR's latest commentary at:

You are all great and have been honest and helpful all along. In spite of the missing pieces of info early on, you are making me and C-Spring look great!

I really do thank you all.

Mars (Yep)
By Earth2Mars on 24-Sep-09 4 a.m. GMT
Hey designers for those interested in the gift, contact Tell her you're interested in the gift that Pam Hendrickson and I spoke about. Just remind Amy that I promised you that there would be no strings attached. So, just in case, there's any confusion, you don't end up on any lists you don't want to be on. It's just a gift that RRI wants to give you for all the hard work, but they are a multi departmental company and we don't want any wires getting crossed.
By Earth2Mars on 24-Sep-09 6:54 p.m. GMT
Well said Shadowtrak!

I'll tell you right now, if you end up winning this contest, it'll be largely based on the strength of your reasoning. At the end of the contest all contenders will be ask for their reasoning and I'll tell you right now that reasoning will be the final sink or swim dertiminer. I'll post a link to a post contest decision making process from a past client of mine, and you will see that the design picked as the was not picked on the strength of it's visual impact alone but rather, because of the designer's underlying reasoning.

Disregard my comments regarding 99Designs at the time. I want to go on record as saying C-Spring has superceded any and all expectaions I've had recently. They rock!

Here's the link. Please pay close attention to the methodology. I will be asking a similar series of questions to all of the finalists. I will be submitting a report to RRI and based on my report they will select a final design as the winner. I am extemely thorough in my reporting. So make your though process count!

Thanks as always,

Mars (You know what's supposed to go here by now, but I'm out of material. Kindly insert your own phrase regarding this ridculous name my mother gave me... may she rest in peace.)

P.S. I reiterate, C-Spring Rocks! And I personally will do everything in my power to make the world aware of how good they've been to me.
By Earth2Mars on 25-Sep-09 12:31 a.m. GMT
Greetings all. We have chosen 9 designs as potential finalists. We will be surveying Tony Robbins Twitter followers (300,000 strong) to take part in a survey as to which design they like best.

When I usually run a contest like this. In the end I sometimes get certain designers bickering over my final selection options as was the caes in the contest referenced in the video above, I am so glad that we'll actually get a chance to "Split Test" everything so I'll be able to say, "sorry, not my call".

Now, the contest is not closed because I know that there are probably some sick designs out there on lockdown till later in the game and TR wants to see them, but unless it's something totally new, please don't submit anymore designs.

The Semi-Finalists who are being voted on are as follows:
105 by Mfourex
109 by Shugesd
114 by Balefire
119 by TheStorySoFar
122 by MattJumper
131 by KreativeStudio
133 by TarusMoonStudio
143 by Viv
144 by ShadowTrak

Again, please do not submit any revisions to designs that have already been entered. I will not look at them and TR will not see them. I can't wait to see the results.

Mars (Yep that's my real name)
By Earth2Mars on 25-Sep-09 1:28 a.m. GMT
RRI and I have been putting together a little survey that's gonna go out to... I don't know... say OVER A MILLION voters. I say this jokingly, but also seriously; I hope that will hush any of the sometimes encountered "questions" as to the "right" design. You guys have really been great, so I don't expect anything negative anyhoo.

Here is a link to the survey. It won't be the final determinant, but it's gonna factor in:

Again, keep coming with new designs, but please don't expect instant feedback, because I'll be working on a couple of end game surprises for you all.

Mars (???)
By Earth2Mars on 25-Sep-09 10:52 p.m. GMT
Here are some answers to a few pertinent questions that I thought I should probably answer:


Thanks for the semi-finalist status! Tough competition - but oh so fun! Just a quick note: I went to the surveymonkey link and am somewhat concerned that someone will sit there all day voting for their own design. Paranoid?...Maybe, but I just wanted to throw that out there. I realize the ...(more)

Mars replied:

Good question Viv.

First the people at RRI have already addressed that issue, but if there is a way to subvert the system and not get disqualified, by going in enough times to offset the large number of Tony's followers who are turning out, I say more power to them. The survey is in fact not the final deteming factor. From the survey, we will wittle it down to 5 contestants, and those 5 will be asked to give the reasoning behind their design. If someone would rather spend their time voting for their own design than working on their reasoning, I think it's safe to say they won't win anyway.

taurusmoonstudio wrote:

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you.

Very inspired idea on the survey. When are you launching it and how long do you expect to be gathering data?

Mars answered:

This I can't say for sure how the whole process will work. This part of the contest process is a new idea I've developed in tandem with RRI. I'm just as curious about the outcome myself.

I do this Contest Management thing for the same reason you all do the design thing. I enjoy the struggle and the puzzle.

RRI may be interested in a potential C-Source rebrand, but I don't want to tip the hand with too much info. This whole process is in development. "If" there is another contest, right here on good ol' C-Spring or perhaps a head to head with that big C-Source monster called 99D (unless they're afraid that C-Spring might whoop all 99 of their proverbail asses.. Sorry, personal tangent, anyway the process would be something like this, but with definative social proof as to what the public likes. I think it'd do wonders for C-Spring and Crowd Sourcining in general. But I expect a "duck" job by the big dog, who has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Oh Jason! Thinking about replying to emials yet?
By Earth2Mars on 26-Sep-09 5:39 p.m. GMT
Hi all!

Mars here:

I thougt I'd check in with you all and let you know that once the votes are compiled (???) I'll be asking the top five for the reasoning behind the design choices, but in the interest of giving you a headstart, I thought I'd post them now. We don't know which will be the final 5, but try to use an educated as to who you think you'll be up against.

Here are the questions for the top designers and their designs, their choices, and how it will reflect on the effectivness of TR's new homepage. The answers to the questions will play large part in determining the winner.

1. List 3 things that make your design unique and why you chose to incorporate those features relative to the brief.

2. Which competitors design do you feel offers yours the most competition and why?

3. What do you think is the weak point of their design (I will not post this answer unless you say otherwise)

4. Without fear of it affecting your chances what could I do better as a far as running a contest? I know there were a few weak points in my handling of this contest, but please help me improve my skills. (This answer has nothing to do with the selection process. You'll have to take my word on that)

Also, the RRI team will only be seeing only completely new entries (no revisions), so if it's new submit it and if it's good we'll make sure it gets in front of them! We will be working with the winner to perfect the final design, and any partnership for finishing the rest of the site design will be based on how the modifications are completed, so if you don't win, don't sweat it. If the winner isn't a team player, the runners up will get a shot at completing the necessary work.

Mars (No, not like the candy bar)