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Creative Design

Businesses of all sizes, from one person start-ups to small and mid-size businesses to international conglomerates, need creative design. Good creative design can help a company to more effectively market its products or services to customers. Creative design can also help individuals and businesses to build their brands offline and online, including on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classmates, Bebo, hi5, LinkedIn, and others. And while modern software tools like Photoshop have made it easier for people to dabble in design, individuals and businesses could benefit from looking to others to help with their creative design needs.

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There are many ways to leverage creative design to help you build a logo design for your brand or personal image. You can create it yourself, have an employee help, use an outside creative design firm, or hire a freelance creative designer. There are pros and cons to each option.

Doing it Yourself / In House Creative Design Service

Pros – Doing it yourself or using an in house creative design service is a great way to keep you creative design price down while utilizing a resource that is very familiar with you (if for your own personal brand) or your company’s values and brand standards. Cons – Doing it yourself, or using in-house resources are not always as effective as an outside creative design firm or freelance creative designer may be. Although the price may be low, the quality of work may not be as high. Tip – If you decide to do it yourself or use in-house resources, consider the cost to do so, including the cost of appropriate hardware and software, and the time involved in getting a great design.

Creative Design Firms

Pros – Creative design firms often provide very high quality design work. They will also provide various options for you creative design that will give you some variety to choose from. The other advantage to a creative design firm is that they can often provide files in different sizes and shapes so you can avoid having to resize your new designs for various purposes. Cons – Creative design firms can be very expensive and you may find that the design price is out of your budget. Tip – If you decide to engage a creative design firm, you should look for at least three or four firms and obtain creative quotes so that you can evaluate the cost of hiring any of those firms to help you with your design needs.

Freelance Creative Designers

Pros – Freelance creative designers can bring the best of both worlds together providing a high quality creative service at lower prices. Depending on the designer, you may also be able to receive your design in all the shapes and sizes you need. Cons – The single biggest issue with utilizing a freelance creative designer is finding the right one. There are many freelance creative designers and picking the right designer is often a difficult task. Tip - If you decide to engage a freelance designer, you should look for at least three or four designers and ask them for detailed quotes so that you can evaluate the cost of hiring any of those freelancers to help you with your design needs.

Why Use crowdSPRING for Creative Designer

crowdSPRING can help you easily find the right creative designers and eliminate your risk. Unlike traditional marketplaces where you might look at three or four freelancers, on crowdSPRING, creative designers from around the world post actual designs. You don’t need to obtain creative quotes in advance of the work because you set your own price. And when your project ends, you choose the one you like the best. It’s that simple!

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