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  • 1. What will it cost you to be a Creative on crowdSPRING?

    There is never a charge to Creatives on crowdSPRING! It is absolutely free to register and you will not be charged any fee or commission when you win an award.

  • 2. Why is the gallery hidden in some projects?

    Buyers have the option of making their project galleries entirely private to keep the entries safe from prying eyes. When a project has a hidden gallery, we let you know right away when you first land on that project and request permission to participate. We also tell you right in the Gallery (you'll, of course, see all of your own entries in your gallery).

  • 3. Why do you have to sign an NDA in some projects?

    Some Buyers require more privacy for their projects and this is why they post a STANDARD or PRO project on crowdSPRING. They need to have the guarantee that the Creatives working on their project will not make their submissions and the Buyer's "secret" information public on the web or anywhere else. This is the primary reason why they ask you to sign and NDA. Participating creatives agree to never disclose any information or work they did for your project. Creatives will see a "public" description of the project and must execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before they are permitted to see the full project brief and materials.

    The NDAs are 1-page documents and are not signed in writing. When creatives ask to participate in a project protected by an NDA, we require them to provide their real name and agree to the terms of the NDA. We record their name and agreement electronically and store this information in our database (associated with the specific NDA).

    We offer two different types of NDAs: the first allows creatives to display their entries in their portfolio and the second does not allow portfolio display and this is indicated on the NDA page.

  • 4. Can you use clip art or stock art in your logos?

    NO. The use of stock art has always been prohibited on crowdSPRING logo projects. crowdSPRING has a zero tolerance policy towards users who break this rule. Any creative who submits stock art to a logo project will have their account removed immediately and permanently along with all the work that s/he has submitted to any projects on cS. More »

  • 5. Can you use in non-logo projects?

    It's ok, but here are simple guidelines on including clip art or stock are in your non-logo submission: (1) make sure that the license allows you to do so. Read it well and, if you don't understand it well enough, email the support of the site you got the stock art from; (2) select the right disclaimer when posting your entry so your Buyer knows what's up.

  • 6. In a logo project, can you submit your designs with a branding example?

    After listening to our community, we’ve decided that all our creatives should be able to illustrate their logo design using it in a “real life” application. In order to keep this fair and the playing field leveled,we will make available to everyone a package of templates which can be used for this purpose. The package includes a template for a stationery, a van, a baseball hat, a shopping bag, tee shirts and a lot more… More »

  • 7. When will you for a project you've won?

    After you are awarded, you have to complete the project with your Buyer in wrap up. This process can last up to 30 days maximum but is usually wrapped up in a matter of days. As soon as your Buyer approves your final files, the project is completed and your payment is processed within three business days via PayPal. (If you do not have a PayPal account, please register an account right now).

    For Creatives who reside in a country where PayPal payments are not available, we make payment through a direct bank wire transfer. Our bank charges us a $28 fee for overseas wires and we would deduct this cost from your total award. You will be given this option at the start of project wrapup and you can enter the appropriate details at that time. We make bank wire payments once per week (currently, on Wednesdays) so you'll be paid the following Wednesday after your final files are approved - assuming you've provided your bank wire information in step 1 of wrapup.

  • 8. Can you add work covered by an NDA to your portfolio?

    When the buyer posted their project, we asked whether they would permit participants to display their proposed work fin their portfolios (whether or not they were selected as the winner in the project). If the buyer declined and did not allow participants to display their work in their portfolio, then the non disclosure agreement in the project prevents you from doing so and you are not allowed to show that work in your portfolio on crowdSPRING or elsewhere unless you first remove all identifying information about the buyer and/or the project.

    Many creatives will decline to participate if they are not allowed to display work in their portfolio. Therefore, many buyers prefer to allow creatives to display winning and non-winning work in their portfolio. In such projects, the non-disclosure agreement will expressly let you display your work in your portfolio.

  • 9. How does project wrapup work?

    Wrapup for Creatives is a simple, four-step process. Step 1: You are the winner!... More »

  • 10. What happens when crowdSPRING honors its guarantee to a buyer?

    Unfortunately, sometimes a buyer in a project just doesn't get the result they are looking for and we have to honor our guarantee and issue a refund. It could be because of a low award, a lack of feedback from the Buyer or it could have simply been an unpopular project with Creatives.Either way, rest assured that we do everything we can to minimize the number of projects that go unawarded. We know that you've invested your time and effort on these projects and it's frustrating to see them go away. Finally, you have our word that we speak to Buyers personally and try to find a different solution but, at the end of the day, we have to refund it if that's their choise. Keep in mind that all the entries you've submitted to that project are yours.

    When we issue a refund,we refund the entire award - and our commission (we do not refund the listing fee or optional fees). We then select a winner and pay the winning creative out of our own pockets. We've promised that every single project will be awarded - no matter what - and this is our way of honoring that promise. While we can't pay the full award, the winning creative retains full rights to all their work.

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