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Starts: 12-Aug-14 8:16 p.m. GMT

Ends: 26-Aug-14 8:16 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $239, was awarded to mt1895

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We are a luggage manufacturer looking for a new name that will resonate with our diverse customer base that includes the military, hunters & sportsmen, law enforcement, and the traveling public. We want to convey that our products are designed for the military and built for a variety of everyday uses.

Update 12-Aug-14 GMT
Wow! We're amazed by how many great submissions we've received in such a short time! I'm going to try to get feedback to all of you as soon as I can. Thank you all for taking the time to work on this!
Update 12-Aug-14 GMT
Hey guys and gals,
I've provided feedback for all entries received so far. I won't have access to my computer for much of tonight and tomorrow, but will try to get back to you all as soon as possible. I will try to get additional feedback to you all within the next day or so!
Thanks everyone!
Update 14-Aug-14 GMT
Wow! I'm amazed by how many kick-ass submissions we are receiving! You guys are not going to make this decision easy, but that's a good thing!

I will continue to try to get feedback to you all as soon as I can, so keep 'em coming.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Update 19-Aug-14 GMT
Hi everyone! There are some words that are overused here in Texas. I'm sure most of you are not from Texas, so you would be unaware of this. We've already received several submissions with these words. Some of them are good and have not necessarily been excluded from the contenders, but I think we have enough of them for now. So, I wanted to make sure you all focus your time on other ideas (can still be Texas-related, though!) with different words/phrases to help the name stand out a bit more.

Here is the list of very popular Texas words that we can exclude moving forward:
Lone Star

A side note: Although Longhorn is probably the cow most associated with Texas, we used to breed Charolais cattle on the ranch. In fact, the owner's father was the first rancher in the US to import these cattle. So, there may be an angle there we can work with, without sounding too much like we're a cow ranching business!
Update 26-Aug-14 GMT
Ok, we are heading into the home stretch! We have had so many great ideas come through. Like I've said before, this is going to be a tough choice!

We've been scoring as names get submitted, but it's certainly possible that a name that was scored less than 5-stars initially may come out the winner after closer evaluation and discussion of all submissions as a group. There are definitely some great 4-star entries that we don't want to exclude right now.

I also wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we have some folks out of the office this week, so we may have to extend the award deadline a bit.

And, finally, we may decide to make offers on submissions that we did not choose for the company, but that we think would make great product names!