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Starts: 15-Jul-14 1:13 p.m. GMT

Ends: 28-Jul-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $479, was awarded to DottedL...

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We need help with naming our new venture capital fund of fund. We are in the process of establishing a significant player in the European venture market. This will include a management company and an associated investment fund. This is a completely unique endeavour (nobody has done anything so big or extensive before) and we need a name that is memorable, catchy, professional, yet fun.

Update 20-Jul-14 GMT
Additionally, we would welcome three more (independent) features:
1. Names starting with letter V, so that with Capital, it can be shortened to VC
2. Names containing syllable Chi. Xi or any other "strong" syllables are good too, but Chi is preferable. (Still needs to be pronounceable for English speakers though)
3. Names that are constriction of two words, but still sound good.

And for all suggested names, please do a quick google to see if that name + Capital is taken or not, a lot of the names suggested until now are not actually available even if the url for that particular word is.

Thanks, Kart
Update 20-Jul-14 GMT
We are extending to get more time to properly communicate with the Creatives - we are using Crowdspring for the first time and the first week was useful for observing the content as it normally happens, in the next week we'll try to direct more
Update 26-Jul-14 GMT

Could we ask you to stop submitting names with random misspellings, just to make them "interesting"? The name needs to be professional and it's not very professional to spend five minutes explaining why there's an extra "p" in there or a Q instead of other letters.

Could we also ask you to stop combining words and syllables completely randomly? The name needs to evoke strong imagery and therefore needs to mean something. "Twitter" is a good name - it describes the underlying activity in a fresh new way and I presume this word was not part of the original brief. Sequoia Capital is a good name. For combined names, Dropbox, Facebook, Skyscanner and Soundcloud are good names - the combinations are greater than the sum of the two separate words and actually create new meaning together, describing exactly the underlying service. For aggregated names, Groupon is great - it puts together Group and Coupon in a pleasant-sounding way and has meaning. We really do want a name that is as great as the ones mentioned above, not a generic and unmemorable one.

And thirdly, please stop using the words or syllables from Digital and Europe - as we mention in the brief, those words are going to be used in the fund's name anyway, so we really do not want them in the management company's name.

Please do not hesitate to ask if anything remains unclear, but I hope this update has helped to provide guidance on what we need.

Thanks, Kart
Update 28-Jul-14 GMT
Last chance to find us a great name! We still haven't found anything that we'd love unconditionally. There's some frontrunners - short and snappy that sound European but have hidden meanings in Chinese or in IT terms or that are popular symbols of wealth in Asia or that symbolise connections and communities. Come on, let's make a great final effort in coming up with a name that will become an iconic brand in European startup and venture capital communities.

Thanks, Kart
Update 28-Jul-14 GMT
Could you please not withdraw the entries. Even if they're low-scored by me, the partners of the firm may end up liking them and if you withdraw, they don't appear in the spreadsheet. I'm only scoring entries myself to improve the project stats and I am scoring low a lot in order to be able to highlight the few ones I personally like in the spreadsheet. Doesn't mean these will win.

Thanks, Kart
Update 2-Aug-14 GMT
Hi, we will have a partners' meeting on August 22nd when we will make a final decision on the name, we hope you will have patience with us until then.

Thanks, Kart