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Ends: 19-Apr-14 8:09 p.m. GMT


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Santa Claus House is a retail gift shop / tourist attraction in North Pole, Alaska. We’ve been in business since 1952. For more information, visit

We’ve long had live members of “Santa’s reindeer team” outside for people to view and take pictures of but they’ve never been able to touch the deer. Now, we’re freshening things up a bit.

We’ve greatly expanded the pen and added several new hand-fed baby reindeer to the herd and will be allowing people (for a fee) to get inside the reindeer pen and feed, pet, and interact with Santa’s reindeer. The “tour” will consist of several small exhibits talking about reindeer and specifically the history of Santa’s Reindeer, followed by a 30-minute interaction with the deer and a Reindeer Handler inside the pen to answer questions and oversee the interaction.

We hope to make this a fun “experience” rather than just a trip to the petting zoo. We will be adding additional elements as well to make this more of an “attraction.” The check-in/office building you will be walking through to get to the pen is a barn shaped building and will be painted red & white just like a classic American barn.

Now, we’re looking for a fun name for the reindeer business/attraction. It must be family-safe, original, and able to be trademarked.

One thing to stay away from while you’re coming up with all your great ideas is “Rudolph.” Rudolph is a trademarked name, and is also not technically a member of Santa’s “Original Reindeer Team” so resist the temptation to use him in your ideas. Other than that, we’re open to anything.

Update 26-Apr-14 GMT
Due to the overwhelming number of last minute entries, it's taking us a bit longer to get through all the submissions than we planned. And with so many great, entries, it's a bit hard to pick just one. Rest assured, we'll pick a winner in the next few days, so sit tight. Thanks everyone for all your hard work! -Paul
Update 27-Jun-14 GMT
Due to a family emergency, I have been away from work and unable to complete this project until now. That's not an excuse, and I sincerely apologize to all of you who participated in this project. I appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter, and assure you we will select a winner for this project by midnight Eastern (US) time on Sunday, June 29, 2014. You can count on that, and thanks again for your understanding.