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Creative brief

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What does your company do?

Our mission is to enable low-income communities to build economic resiliency by demonstrating and replicating strategies that increase worker ownership. Worker-owned cooperatives are an innovative and powerful business model that can provide high quality jobs and shared entrepreneurship opportunities to low-income workers, as well as benefits to the broader economy. Coop businesses increase job quality, invest locally and have demonstrable positive impact on job creation, and on business retention (see, for example, impact study on food coops at www.strongertogether.coop and study on coop survival rates in British Columbia). Job stability is also dramatically higher in worker coops, given low turnover rates.

During our launch year (2014), our first major initiative is to engage cross-sectoral change makers from government, education, business and nonprofits, in a ‘Bay Area Blueprint’ strategy to increase worker ownership in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Blueprint will create actionable feasibility studies and pilot projects across multiple pathways to worker ownership: small-scale cooperative entrepreneurship; incubating or accelerating scalable cooperatives; and business conversion to worker ownership.

Coming out of the Blueprint process, we will then continue to support the broad efforts locally, but focus our energies on developing a series of networked, scaled cooperative businesses. Over time, we see ourselves developing and supporting growth of 5-10 worker-owned businesses of 50-100 employees each, that exist as part of a network. The network will provide shared services support, build a shared capital pool to support growth and new business launches, and provide direct services to employees to help them grow and advance and help their companies succeed.

We see our SF Bay Area focus as critical to impact wage and wealth gaps in low-income communities where we live, and to serve as a demonstration for other regions of the United States. Other countries have had success bringing the cooperative business model to scale, and one of our goals is to help unlock this potential in the U.S. by showing that it can be done locally, then replicating it in other regions.

By developing scalable worker cooperatives and adapting our Blueprint strategy to other regions, we plan to move the field of low-income cooperative development forward. We will provide support and consulting to other regions wanting to replicate and localize our approach.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

Ideally we would want both .org and .com URLs available, but if we love a name that doesn’t have an exact match in its URL, we’ll likely still go with the name and figure out a way to create an effective URL.

What is your industry?


Describe your customers

As a social sector (nonprofit) initiative that leads both direct programmatic work as well as field building, we have three customers:

1. Our primary customers are low-income community members who participate in and benefit from our work by gaining good jobs, with co-ownership in cooperative businesses. Our target beneficiary group is the working poor, with the goal being to enable them to move up to where they truly share in the fruits of their labor.

2. A second customer group are the multi-sector stakeholders both local to the SF Bay Area and in other regions to which we will bring the Blueprint approach in the future.

3. A third customer group includes the funders and allies who provide resources for our programs and help us carry them out.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

Social impact, business savvy, shared ownership and shared responsibility, a new economy that's good for all (all people and the environment)

List the names of your top three competitors

Inner City Advisors (locally); REDF; Democracy At Work Institute (nationally; they’re more of an ally than a competitor, but some funders could see them as competitive)

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

Smart, serious about social impact (but still fun, not overly earnest); Ambition (scaling cooperatives); Innovation; Excellence & effectiveness (best in class)

Are there specific words or phrases you do not like?

no. We don't want to restrict your creativity!

Are there specific words or phrases you like?

Generate or Generation
Own / Ownership
We / Our

Do you have other info you want to share?

Please see attached PDFs for more information on what we do.
We're excited to have your creative minds working with us to create a snazzy name or our new social venture.

Brief updates

By HilaryAndAlison on 24-Jan-14 10:50 p.m. GMT
Hi Creatives -

Thank you so much for all of your submissions! Your work has gotten us thinking more about what words we like and words we prefer not to have in our name, so this update will give you a fresh sense of our word preferences and some new ideas.

First, words we're liking:
Us, Our
Don't limit yourself to these, of course!!

Next, words we don't like anymore (but enjoyed trying on):
Dream, Soar and others you might find on "inspirational posters" with sunsets

Finally, some new directions to consider:

METAPHORS: Someone used a music metaphor, which we really liked, and we've been interested in animal metaphors. For example, an organization we like has a very plain name (US Federation of Worker Cooperatives), but a great logo & tagline (farther-faster-together) that feature Canadian Geese, who apparently work together in very interesting ways, rotating leadership and really supporting each other, during their migrations. (see usworker dot coop)

CATCHY-SOUNDING NAMES (memorable, roll off the tongue)

Positive energetic business words like Venture

Things to avoid:
- cutting syllables off words and combining them in ways that obscure the meaning of the original words. We like some creative word combinations but most feel mechanical and weird to us.
- names that sound generically good (eg. who would object to "Communities Together"?) but could apply to almost any nonprofit or do-good initiative in the world.

Hope this is helpful. Please keep your great ideas coming!

Hilary and Alison

By HilaryAndAlison on 27-Jan-14 11:57 p.m. GMT
Hi Creatives -

We're pleased to have had more than 300 submissions for our name, and we're extending the contest a few days to see if we can land a name that we're thrilled about. We're seeing lots of creative ideas and want to hone in on options that sound good to the ear and say something directly relevant to our work (vs. all do-good projects).

Please keep an eye on the latest project brief updates and keep your ideas flowing.

Hilary and Alison
By HilaryAndAlison on 30-Jan-14 8:25 p.m. GMT
Hi Creatives -

Thank you for your continued creativity on our behalf. As the final hours of our project are upon us, we wanted to share one additional thought.

Let's try for some more names that have gravitas (so folks in government, foundations, etc. will take us seriously at a first glance), conveying the importance and real-world-change nature of what we do, without sounding too earnest.

Just over three hours to go. Thanks again!