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Starts: 9-Jan-14 11:50 p.m. GMT

Ends: 2-Feb-14 11:59 p.m. GMT


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We want to name an organization that exists to train and connect the most intention filled 'entrepreneurs' of the new economy.

See attached documents for a much better description

Update 11-Jan-14 GMT
names that suggest we are a vehicle say something like....get on this and we'll take you somewhere....what we're aiming for is to name the Participants/Practice's PURPOSE, such that by association the member becomes someone who is aligned with our cause

I am truly appreciative of everyone's creative effort...Please keep the momentum going and I'll do my best to stay on top of scoring and comments

Update 14-Jan-14 GMT
We'd like to see some names that tap into nature - our methodology is based in natural cycle of transaction and tribal contribution

This is a long term journey, members working with members on their own and each others 'projects' - want to convey that this is not another quick hit or short stop ....this is a long term offer

Something members will feel proud to belong to

The ultimate name needs to be short 2 to 3 syllables and one word would be ideal

Please supply your thought process, some backup to your submissions...if you want thoughtful feedback

Update 27-Jan-14 GMT
Looking for more entries. Be sure to look for brief updates!
Update 28-Jan-14 GMT
Naming brief Update January 28, 2014

During our initial naming period we got a lot of participation and made some progress. I want to recognize and thank those of you who tried so hard to help us come up with the right name. Unfortunately we have not yet hit the jackpot.

The names fall into at least the following categories;
Naming the group / the people / the tribe
Names about action – what the tribe does
Names about the character of the tribe members
Names about purpose – what the tribe stands for
Vehicle and place names – where the tribe congregates
Names that capture nature
And names about the practice

The right name is going to give the members an identity as warriors in the sense that they are at the front of the changes in the economy, the stand for contribution. The old success was about what you could get, the new success is about what you give. The old economy was about compromising who you were for the sake of mass distribution, being a mile wide and inch deep.
The new economy is about authenticity and integrity…being an inch wide and mile deep.
The old economy was about PUSH and distribution…how to coerce large numbers of people to do what you want
The new economy is about PULL…focusing your offer, making it consistent with your intention and attracting the right people for the right reasons
The old economy was about interruption
The new economy is about permission
The old economy was about Management
The new economy is about leadership

We aren’t just an education company trying to help people and businesses thrive in the new economy, we are a movement of people who are committed to serving and learning to work WITH the natural flow of human coordination instead of trying to force their will on people and markets.

During the 80’s plus or minus there was this big boom of business about ‘management excellence’…this popularized the idea that management is the tool to ‘success’, and lead to the myth that management is leadership. Most of what leaders do is management, not leadership.

Management leads to compromise, not in a good way. This is why across all levels of organizations we see something like 80% of the workforce wanting to quit their day jobs to go be who they really are. This is why ‘happiness’ and health are down.

Where we are headed, and need to head in order to thrive and reconstitute, reinvent the American Dream…really a Global Dream is to get back in touch with our individual and collective essence, so that we can prosper in the economy without compromising to the command and control, management, PUSH paradigm

We have a freaking amazing methodology for teaching people to do this. Those that go through our training will have the opportunity to become members of a tribe that lives and breathes by this new paradigm / world order. Some will even become trainers or will open training / work labs where members come as a temporary office (like the airport lounge).

This is why I compare our model to CrossFit…our intention is to Forge Interdependence, to ‘show the way’…we have a methodology like CrossFit, we will train the trainers like CrossFit and we will affiliate like CrossFit.

We aim for our tribe to be the ‘warriors and champions’ of the new economy, those that ‘fight’ to leave the game better than they found it, those that come from an intention to be contributors.

Contribution is the antidote to the mass anxiety that plagues our world.

The right name will capture the essence of this economic change and the champions who bring it forth…some version of it will likely become known as the ‘New Way’

Thank you for bringing your creative talent to bear on this project. You are a part of our movement.

Toby LaVigne