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Starts:11-Nov-13 9:37 p.m. GMT

Ends:9-Dec-13 11:59 p.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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What does your company do?

We make high-end, modern, organic home accessories. Products include shower curtains, table cloths, seasonal items, napkins, table runners, bedding, etc. Our mission is to provide maximalist home accessories with minimal impact to the environment. In addition to classics in modern colors, we also create metallic pieces and are not afraid to add glitz to our product line. We will first sell products online to individual customers and then move primarily into B2B sales to other home retailers. All items made in USA.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

A .com is required.

What is your industry?


Describe your customers

Mostly women
Single, engaged or married
Primarily well educated
Professionals and affluent stay at home mothers
Household income over $100,000
Ages 25-40
Live in urban and suburban neighborhoods
Socially conscious
High expectations for design and quality in the products they purchase
Community focused
These women are social, and enjoy their homes being as trendy as their closets.
Shop at boutiques, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, LuluLemon

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

Elaborate and modern home accessories
Socially conscious (The other two are higher priority)

List the names of your top three competitors

West Elm
Pottery Barn

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

High end, sophisticated, glamorous

Are there specific words or phrases you do not like?

Organic, Accessories

Are there specific words or phrases you like?

Not at this time.

Do you have other info you want to share?

A one word name is preferred, but two will be considered. The ideal name will generate imagery and provide a basis for branding. It would be best to have a name that can also be a logo. I.E, a spade used as the logo for Kate Spade, Target using a target, etc.

Brief updates

By am196602 on 12-Nov-13 12:52 a.m. GMT
After reviewing the first entries, we cannot help but be grateful! Thank you for all of your suggestions. A few things that stood out:

- We really want to find a short name that can convey an image. I recently saw a company called Parachute. Their tagline was "Trusty Threads" and their logo was of course a parachute. Loved it!
-We make trendy items, but want a classic name.
-We have had several tree themed names, and we are thinking that is not the route we would like to take.

Thanks again!
By am196602 on 13-Nov-13 3:30 a.m. GMT
Think of an item so beautiful and extravagant that you cannot take your eyes off of it. That's the name we need for our company! We are looking for a brief (ideally one word, not compound, preferably one syllable) name that conveys an image. All suggestions will be considered. Thank you for all of the submissions so far, we are very grateful for your help!
By am196602 on 3-Dec-13 2:38 p.m. GMT
We are still looking for the perfect name!
By am196602 on 3-Dec-13 2:41 p.m. GMT
We like the word gold, and also gilded. I.e: Gold (insert object that reflects beauty, and all things high end).

We have decided that two words is okay. We still prefer as short a name as possible. An available .com is a MUST. We do not have a budget to purchase a .com that is up for auction.

Thank you for your help!