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Award 3: $300, was awarded to vuriko

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The product to be named is highly effective against the pests that threaten the livelihood of commercial growers and nurseryman but has a low impact on the rest of the environment.

The product is formulated to kill moths and their larvae, fruit flies, leaf miners and thrips but
is reasonably well tolerated by bees and other beneficial insects

The product has an extremely low “use-rate” and a low toxicity for mammals.

Prospects are not aware of the existence of this product and are currently using others.

Pesticides that are both effective and “earth-friendly” represent the “sweet spot” to the value

Update 12-Jun-13 GMT
Need more time to allow client to make decision
Update 1-Jul-13 GMT
Hi everyone,

The Buyer in this project has requested a refund for one of the awards that had been offered, as the extra award was added on accident. Thanks so much for your hard work and your wonderful creativity!

The Crew