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Starts:30-Mar-13 7:31 a.m. GMT

Ends:6-Apr-13 7:31 a.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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What does your company do?

We shine shoes. Customers drop off shoes at a dry cleaners, we shine them, then they pick them up.

Do you require that a .COM or other URL be available for the new name?

Yes. The company name should work as a URL also without the use of dashes or other special characters.

What is your industry?


Describe your customers

Our customers care about image and how they look. They are willing to spend money on cleaning their clothes and having their shoes shined. These are professionals who are judged by how they look, and they look at other people's shoes to make judgements about them. How your shoes look says a lot about who you are. This is an extension of their personality and status in life.

Our customers are also used to wearing a uniform of some kind. It may be a suit and tie, or maybe a more formal uniform like a policeman. They dress differently for work than they do at home.

They also take care in selecting the shoes that they wear.

As busy people, they don't have the time or expertise to clean and shine shoes. We do that for them as a service. Shining shoes can be dirty work, and the tools used to do the work isn't in most people's homes. Also it can stain your hands, so our customers prefer to delegate this task to a professional.

What 3 things do you want your company name to communicate to your customers?

Service, Quality, and Speed

List the names of your top three competitors

We have 3 competitors to our service. The biggest will be people who shine their shoes at home, so in essence, we are competing against the customer. Our 2nd competitor is a shoe shine man in the local airport. He usually wont operate with a business name. The 3rd competitor will be a shoe shine man in the lobby of a large hotel who also doesn't have a business name. It is an unusual marketplace in that way. It is highly fragmented, and there currently isn't a national chain that offers shoe shine service.

What character, tenor, or spirit do you wish to convey?

The spirit should be unique, memorable, and catchy if possible. While we have a business, we operate inside of a dry cleaner primarily, so we want people to still identify with us through a memorable name.
Feel free to try whimsical or fun names.

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

It seems obvious that "shine" would be in the name, but it would be preferable to not use this word if possible. Don't avoid it completely, but lets see what other options are out there.

Do you have other info you want to share?

Feel free to use nonsense words like "Freybo" which have no meaning, but we could add "shoe shine" or something to the tagline. In this way, we can create a new business name that is fun and make it mean something.

Shoe shine in the person's mind is usually an elevated customer who sits in a big chair with a man bending over shining his shoes. Also it will be a man with a box who bends over to shine shoes.

Buffing is also a part of shoe shine. Shoe shine is always done by hand, usually using a rag, spray bottle, and shoe polish. Also shoe shiners will "pop" the buffing rag when they are shining a shoe for a customer.

Brief updates

By SteveT on 31-Mar-13 3:20 p.m. GMT
Thank you everyone for your submissions. Some are inspired, some are tired, and some are random darts thrown in the dark.

Think about great brand names such as "Geek Squad". A geek is someone who knows computers and technology. The name implies a smart person is going to help you. "Best Buy" implies that this is your best price, and you are buying something.

Great names.

"Netflix" uses slang "that's a great flick, have you seen it?" and puts it together with the delivery model. The "net" another slang term. Even "BlockBuster" is a term that references a movie that makes over $100M in ticket sales.

We were considering using stay-at-home mom's as the employees. They have time during the day with flexible hours. It would allow them to work and still be home in time to be with the kids after school. If so, it would be marketed as such. Does that give you any name ideas?

I do appreciate the time each of you takes to submit to this project. I'm committed to paying the award even if we don't use a name, so the only up side for me is for one of you to find a winning name.

Consider this, you are potentially naming a brand that could be appreciated by many people. Not just the customers, but also the employees. It is your chance to make a mark in the world. Take a moment to really consider what you are doing. Consider what we are doing. It is possible you will have an awkward moment in your head and spit out a name that we like. It is more likely that a great name comes from someone who is willing to spend more than 30 seconds to ramble and toss up 10 names at 3 seconds each hoping we will like what is submitted.

Take some time, think about what we do. Think about our customer. What are they really getting from us? Why do they bring in a shoe to get it shined? How does it feel to see your shoes when they look better than brand new? When you can see the shine and newness of the finish? How will they feel when other people look at them and say: "Nice shoes!" Why would someone bring nice shoes to a stranger to have them cleaned and polished?

The answer is in there. The answer is in you.

I've come here because I believe that you know naming, and that you have something new to contribute to the world in the form of a name. Please do your best to put thought to this. With rare exception so far on this project, I would be better served to walk into a Starbucks and put down two $100 bills and ask for names, offering to pay whomever gives me the most original one. A lot of what people submit there would be similar to what has already been submitted here.

$200... not bad for 10 seconds of work right?

I'm asking you to raise the bar, set your sights higher and give the the best that you have.

Thank you again for your submissions, and for taking the time to share your insight with this project.


By SteveT on 31-Mar-13 3:22 p.m. GMT
When you look good, you feel better.
By SteveT on 31-Mar-13 7:51 p.m. GMT
Another tool to help you with the name:

Sometimes we will go to the dictionary and find a word that has a meaning. That's a good step, and sometimes in the dictionary we find words that no one else would think of.

Once you believe you have your name, imagine hearing it on the radio, used in a commercial. How does it sound to you? Are you personally invested in the name? If so, have someone else hear it when you say: "XXXXXXXX shoe shine service, drop off your shoes and we make them shine..." or whatever you would have a commercial say.

Does the name sound good in this context?

If someone hears this name on the radio, could they find the domain name? Could they spell the name? Could they do a Google search to get a phone number?

Add in that extra layer to double check your name to see if it is a fit.

Also please don't use words like: "my" or "the" in the name just to get the domain name to fit. Would you like to update your status on "" or on ""

Thanks again for your time and suggestions.
By SteveT on 1-Apr-13 7:29 p.m. GMT
Men's shoes & boots, women's boots.

Women don't have their shoes shined.
By SteveT on 2-Apr-13 1:10 a.m. GMT
Ok, we have had a few really good names come through and I wanted to thank everyone for the submissions. There are a lot of good namers here, and I'd like to offer a little more specific guidance. Thanks for being patient with me while I provide more insight to help you do what you do best.

Think about naming a place.

Not a business.

A destination where shoes are cared for, polished and prepared to be taken back home. It is a place where shoes are taken. Not so much trying to name a business, but more like trying to name a town or a location.

Lets see what that can do.
By SteveT on 5-Apr-13 2:25 a.m. GMT
We are now under 30 hours on the project and I'd like to make a few suggestions if you feel like you have any ideas left in you:

1. No more puns. Got a lot of those thanks.
2. Consider naming a sweet old Italian man who shines shoes. A company name based on that image possibly could be the basis of a strong brand. It would be a kind person who uses his hands to provide service to others to help them look their best.
3. gets a "No Thanks"