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Company Logos

The logo is one of the most important elements of a brand - many argue it’s the most important after the service or product. You'll spend huge sums of money marketing your products and services and building your brand. You should make sure that you have a great logo that identifies your company.

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The logo design process on crowdSPRING is easy and efficient. You set your own price and post a short brief explaining what you need. Unlike traditional marketplaces where you receive bids or proposals from multiple freelancers, on crowdSPRING, logo designers from around the world post actual logo designs. You’ll have full control over your project, will be able to comment and provide feedback and communicate with each designer, and will be able to review multiple iterations of your favorite designs.

You will get choice for your custom logo design that you will not get anywhere else. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% – no questions asked. When your project ends, you choose the logo you like the best. It’s that simple!

Some of the best logo designers in the world work on crowdSPRING. crowdSPRING can help you leverage an international community of graphic designers and eliminate your worries about the cost of logo design. On crowdSPRING, over 87,000 designers from over 195 countries around the world compete for your business. Our unique model and logo design process addresses process and solves many of the problems typically found in custom logo design.

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To get a new company logo created, you have a number of options.

Do-it-yourself Logos From Templates or Clip Art

Pros – Buying pre-made templates or using clip art for your logo allows you to pay less.

Cons –Although the logo price may be low, the quality of pre-made templates and clip art is typically not very good and more importantly, many other companies will have identical or similar looking logos. If you want a custom logo – be prepared to pay a little more. Remember that one of the most important questions you should ask yourself about your logo is: Will it stand out among the clutter and the crowd? Does the logo distinguish itself in a unique way from the competition, or is it predictable / default / bland — and thus unmemorable and ultimately invisible to the intended audience? It’s quite disturbing when you start noticing your logo, and things that look like it on many other people’s brands. That’s the quickest way to look low-budget and second-rate.

Custom Logos

Pros –Prices for custom logos vary widely. Small graphic design firms can charge several thousand dollars for custom logo design. Some large graphic design firms can easily charge you tens of thousands of dollars to design a custom logo. Freelance graphic designers tend to charge less, but this too varies widely. Some freelance graphic designers list logo prices of thousands of dollars for custom logo design, while others have logo prices that are significantly less.

Cons – The sole disadvantage of custom logos is that custom logos are more expensive than using a generic template or clip art. According to the Graphic Artists Guild, you’ll pay $2,000 to $10,000 USD to a traditional design firm for a custom logo for your company.

Why use crowdSPRING to design your company's logo?

There are a number of Internet sites that create company logos. Many of these sites are solo designers that will give you several choices for a logo. A few are traditional marketplaces where you'll get bids and proposals and you'll have to choose a single designer to create your logo. crowdSPRING is different because on crowdSPRING, you choose from among actual designs, not bids and proposals. Here are five ways that we differ from other marketplaces:

  1. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Period.

  2. Each project on crowdSPRING is protected by a free, customized intellectual property agreement that is delivered to both buyer and winning designer when the designer is selected

  3. We provide full end to end project management with file uploads, feedback, scoring, crowd scoring, etc.

  4. We have a robust notification/communication system that sends you notices every step of the way.

  5. We provide world class customer service.

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