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Starts:30-Jan-12 4:29 p.m. GMT

Ends:15-Feb-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


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File 1: mjive_logo_v4.psd (928.1 KB)

Uploaded on 30-Jan-12 4:22 p.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 1-Feb-12 11:33 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 1-Feb-12 11:34 a.m. GMT

File 4: frauenkirche.jpg (121.5 KB)

Uploaded on 7-Feb-12 1:03 a.m. GMT

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Uploaded on 7-Feb-12 1:04 a.m. GMT

Creative brief

The buyer added updates to the brief. Read them.

Business Name


What do you do?

M.JIVE organises and runs dance events ...classes, workshop, parties.

M.JIVE is a new and unique style of partner-dance: it's very easy to learn and open to all ages and abilities ...people who just want to have fun with dancing, not take it too seriously. You can dance M.JIVE to all sorts of music - there's loads of modern pop stuff as well as a good dose of older blues, swing, soul, etc.

List the size requirement(s) for your clothing design

I'm going to produce T-Shirts, from small to extra large. To keep the print costs down it would be ideal if a logo of one-size would fit all ..but I appreciate this may not be possible.

What is your industry?

Entertainment I guess - socialising, dancing, sport, having fun, meeting people

Describe the target audience for your clothing design

Mid-20s to 50+ people, men and women, who aren't afraid to be seen dancing, to try something new.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your clothing design?

Fun and a bit exciting.
Cool & a bit hip.
It's dance and social too!

What clothing design styles do you like?

I kind of like the current retro trends cf Hollister logo et. al. But I'd like something that stands out a bit too.

How many colors should be used in the design?

One, maybe two. The T-Shirts will be black or dark blue/dark green

What colors do you want to see in your clothing design?

I guess white is the obvious one. At the moment I'm going with in-your-face orange and deep purple for my main colours (see website) but not wedded to any of these.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your clothing design?


What adjectives should best describe your clothing design?

Cool, Fun, Eye-Catching, Warm, Friendly

How will you use the clothing design?

On T-Shirts

What must be included in the clothing design?

The word "M.JIVE". There's a logo (uploaded) but it's not a must. If used, colour (of the circle round M) and other bits could also be changed to fit overall design.

The word "Munich" - perhaps as a byline to M.JIVE or could be on the back of the T.

There will certainly be a website "" included but I kind of think this could be as pure text on the back of the T-Shirt.

Do you have additional info or links you'd like to share?

M.JIVE website /

Brief updates

By jolontour on 1-Feb-12 11:29 a.m. GMT
I like the idea of some kind of picture show dancers ...but more in a cartoony or even figurative direction. These should demonstrate the fun and friendly aspects of M.JIVE.

In my mind these will be clear line-drawings. I'm uploading a couple of examples which could give a rough idea of what I'm thinking about is the Red Bull cartoon, for example.

I'm going to try and offer an extra award for the development of a dancer picture in this kind of direction.

A friend suggested that perhaps the box/border around M.JIVE logo could be broken ..and that line used to create the dancers. Over to you!
By jolontour on 1-Feb-12 11:30 p.m. GMT
Further to the idea of cartoon/line drawing of dancers ...I suggested figurative.

The main point is to avoid fencing the dancers in to a particular style e.g. ballroom/latin dancers (too elegant/serious), rock'n'roll dancers (too 50s), etc.

People who dance modern jive / ceroc (just Google a few pics) are basically a very mixed bunch - there's no definite trend or style that holds them together ...just the fun, ease and openness of the dance-style.

I guess the more firgurative/less realistic the pic, the more likely it is to attract attention and avoid being labelled as a particular style.
By jolontour on 3-Feb-12 2:37 p.m. GMT
Thanks for the designs ...but please note (as already stated on original brief plus the updates):

- Background will be black or dark colour

- 'Dancers' should be figurative i.e. not too much like 'real' people, thus avoiding associations with dance-styles that have nothing to do with M.JIVE e.g. ballroom, rock'n'roll, salsa

- Any imagery/'dancers' should focus on communicating the three key messages: fun, cool, social.
By jolontour on 7-Feb-12 1:06 a.m. GMT
I've just added two photos of Munich's Frauenkirche - the twin towers are the key visual symbol of the city.

I have already said in the main brief & updates that I would if possible like the word Munich in the design.

Some visual reference to the church's twin towers would also be great to make the t-shirt more Munich.
By jolontour on 12-Feb-12 4:26 p.m. GMT
Some great stuff coming in ...working on developing the look plus colour scheme. Please see project brief update and keep the ideas coming. Many, many thanks.
By jolontour on 12-Feb-12 4:29 p.m. GMT
We are interested in getting more ideas in the direction of non-specific icons - there have been nice ideas with representations of dancers, but now we'd like to move away from this approach, looking at a simple icon that would represent the key M.JIVE attributes - cool, fun, social.

This will probably mean avoiding the M.JIVE logo in the materials section and finding a font that will fit with the new image. Key words M.JIVE and then Munich are still important. The website will be used on the back of the t-shirt.

Many thanks again.