groverwayne has picked winning clothing designs

For $1400 they received 365 design concepts from 82 designers!

  • Award 1
    Free Hugs (brown) by Design7Studio
  • Award 2
    Yana 1 by r4pro
  • Award 3
    YANA t-shirt by TMDCreations

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Starts:28-Apr-10 12:35 p.m. GMT

Ends:10-May-10 12:35 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $200, was awarded to Design7...

Award 2: $200, was awarded to r4pro

Award 3: $200, was awarded to TMDCrea...

Award 4: $200, was awarded to Stellar...

Award 5: $200, was awarded to Mambutz...

Award 6: $200, was awarded to duskbitz

Award 7: $200, was awarded to duskbitz


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Creative brief

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Please visit to learn more about our company and become a fan on Facebook. On the fan page, please go to discussions to learn the two meanings of the YANA symbol. Also on the fan page you will see cool YANA caps that have been given away and other information which may help you in your design process.


We will be launching our t-shirt line and need designs that incorporate the YANA symbol and logo (file attached). Please keep in mind that the YANA symbol and logo do not have to be orange. They can be any color, multi-color, outlined in one color and filled in with another, etc. You can also view on the YANA fan page on Facebook.

Our t-shirts will be worn by purchasers (the YANA message delivers a caring and positive message) as well as given as gifts to let someone know they Are Not Alone in whatever life experience they are going through. Please visit for a more complete description. Also see fan page on Facebook.


Target is millennials, 18 - 30, women and men. While that is our target, we believe men and women of an older and younger demographic will identify with the YANA message and purchase our merchandise.


I like many different styles. The women's t-shirts will be fitted.


Must have our YANA symbol and logo on the shirt. Can be front, back, upper, lower, on shoulder, sleeves, etc. Also, feel free to design a shape or form out of the YANA symbol (looks like a Y with three dots around it. The color of the logo and symbol does not have to be orange. It can be any color, multi color, outlined in one color and filled in with another, whatever you create!

Brief updates

By groverwayne on 29-Apr-10 8:13 p.m. GMT
You can definately separate the YANA symbol (Y with three dots around it) from the logo YANA. They do not have to be together for t-shirt design. However, I think it would be cool for both to be on the t-shirt...perhaps YANA in front and symbol on sleeve, on back shoulder, on small of back, etc. Be creative! But of course!
By groverwayne on 29-Apr-10 11:39 p.m. GMT
On thing that cannot be changed is the shape of the logo and symbol. These are trademarked and I would like to keep them as they are, including the A with its arm around the Y. However, you can change the size as well as separate them and place anywhere on the t-shirt. It would be helpful to see designs on t-shirt layout. Also, feel free to create something out of smaller YANA symbol (Y with three dots), like a flower, tree, anything you like.
By groverwayne on 4-May-10 12:13 p.m. GMT
I think it may be helpful to view YANA at as well as become a fan on facebook. On the fan page, go to discussions to see what the meanings of the YANA symbol are.

Also, anyone familiar with the sport polo? A YANA polo jersey would be of interest as well.

Great job everyone so far and really push the envelope of design for this project!
By groverwayne on 4-May-10 2:29 p.m. GMT
Due to a great response and many asking, I have extended the deadline for this project to May 11, 2010. Also, please read the above updates as I think they may be helpful. Thank you everyone!
By groverwayne on 18-May-10 1:17 p.m. GMT
The winners will be selected by this eve (5/18/10). It is tough to get down to just five winners. I will most likely be coming back to some or many of you to purchase your designs once we get YANA merchandise online. Thank you all for a wonderful and productive experience. Sincerely, Wayne Grover- Founder & CEO, YANA LLC