AliExpress Partners With crowdspring To Increase Sales By Giving Sellers Affordable Design Solutions.

The strength of AliExpress (part of the Alibaba group) comes from the unique ability of their sellers to move quickly from product ideas to finished products. But while AliExpress sellers can scale quickly, they have a difficult time finding quick, affordable design for existing and new products that resonates with a global audience.

The partnership offered speed, choice & quality:

  • hundreds of unique designs
  • $299 average design price
  • award-winning customer service
  • 21 days from start to product for sale on
  • free legal contract protecting intellectual property

Why AliExpress chose crowdspring

Product Package Design.

AliExpress wanted customers to get excited when their packages arrived and knew that creative package design was essential in a competitive market. Crowdspring designers created strong, branded packaging to match the size and shape of existing plain packaging.

Bottle and Container Design.

AliExpress wanted customers to be impressed with the bottles and containers which housed the products. Creative and strong bottle and container design is known to influence repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Graphic Design.

AliExpress wanted sellers to create and sell unique sock patterns, car seat covers, cell phone cases and many more items. Crowdspring creatives provided professional, exclusive custom designs, helping products stand out in the marketplace.

Physical Product and Industrial Design.

Crowdspring has a long history of working with companies around the world to design products. We've helped LG with the design of a mobile phone, Barilla with the design of pasta shapes, and many companies design all sorts of unique products.

crowdspring helped sellers create innovative products.

The partnership between AliExpress and crowdspring is empowering the sellers on AliExpress to localize their brands and create innovative products based on design ideas submitted from leading designers working on These innovative product ideas will facilitate AliExpress sellers to blend international design elements and offer products designed for local markets.

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Steven Yang
Global Business Development & Partners Marketing, AliExpress

The solution by the numbers

From nothing to finished products for sale in 3 weeks.


Average Design Price


Unique Designs


Days, start to finish

How crowdspring helped AliExpress

Flexible, Affordable Custom Design.

Crowdspring was able to offer flexible design options at an affordable price all while integrating quickly into the fast-paced AliExpress culture. Best of all ... the designs were exclusive to these sellers.

Speed to market.

AliExpress sellers make good products, but design is not their core competency. Those sellers who, in the past, sacrificed quality for speed, launched me-too products and saw sales and brand loyalty erode.

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crowdspring's robust platform was easy to use for AliExpress sellers.

AliExpress is very excited to partner with crowdspring. Crowdspring has hundreds of thousands of graphic and industrial designers from nearly 200 countries and a robust platform that is very easy to use for AliExpress sellers. All encompassing project management tools included on make it a breeze to launch projects, manage communication with designers and transfer Intellectual Property of purchased designs.

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Nishant Agrawal
International Business Development Advisor - Alibaba Group

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