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Consulting & Professional Services


Company Name

Overwatch (an Echelon Front Company)

Company Purpose

Placement Firm for Special Operations Soldiers and Veterans. We help companies attract talent from the most diverse and proven talent pool in our nation.....the U.S. Military

Current Website
Top 3 Things

1)Combat Proven Leadership to drive bottom line results for your organization
2) Strengthen companies and/or corporate America with or Nation's Top Military Talent
3) Mission oriented talent that drive execution through strategy and performance.

Target Audience

1) Special Operations Soldiers and Veterans
2) Corporate America

  • https://www.bradley-morris.com/

    Bradley-Morris, Inc. is the leading military recruiting firm specializing in transitioning military and veteran talent. We make the translation between military skill sets and civilian talent profiles for top leadership, technical, sales and operations career opportunities with Fortune 1000 employers.

  • https://www.oriontalent.com/

    Orion Talent is a company known to break new ground in order to give businesses and job seekers more of what they need: opportunities and resources to excel at work. That is who we have been from the start when we were founded in 1991 with the mission to bring the energy, skills, and commitment abundant in military candidates to the greater marketplace.

  • http://www.cameron-brooks.com/

    Cameron-Brooks is different from typical military headhunters. No other military recruiting firm has the experience to help JMOs navigate through a military transition and help hiring managers find exceptional candidates. Led by an honest desire for your success, we’ve earned the reputation as the leader in the JMO recruiting industry by providing:

Current Tagline

Front line to the front office (which is too specific to upper management jobs)
Extreme Ownership through elite talent

Favorite taglines

When Talent thrives so do organizations
Delivering Military-Experienced Talent to America’s Top Companies
Leadership that drives execution through strategy and performance
Proven leaders, proven results
Extreme Ownership


Echelon Front was started by two Navy SEALs who are also the authors of Elite Ownership. They teach executive leadership to corporate leadership through battle tested leadership principles.
We are all special operations soldiers that understand the vetting, screening, assessment, and training of top talent as we have all run training in special operations.
We are the most highly screened individuals that serve in military and we use these proven selection and assessment techniques to pair top military talent with corporate america.

Additional Info

We screen our nations best soldiers, special operations soldiers, and pair them with the right organizations to strengthen their teams.
There has been a major disconnect between corporate America and today's Veterans, accordingly Veterans suffer a high unemployment rate or take jobs below their capabilities. Overwatch reconnects Veterans with corporate America which is a win-win scenario for both sides.



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