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Business Info

What does your company do?

We are building a new product that brings trainers and trainees (delegates) together.

Why is this good for the Delegates
Training is a human experience where the delegates depends almost 100% on the competency of the trainer.
Yet when a company buys training they do so from a company. As such the buyer rarely has control over the choice of trainer (and thus quality).

Why is this good for the Trainers?
It is hard to find clients, despite the fact the trainer may have excellent feedback from their delegates.
Competition is very high and successful marketing is very time consuming and trainers, well, they are trainers not marketing gurus.

To make a difference to the lives of the delegates and trainers we need to:
- Increase the options available to buyers.
- Allow trainers to bid for work.
- Allow buyers to see feedback from previous delegates.
- Allow buyers to select the best possible trainer, based on ratings, price, offer and time schedule.
- Enable trainers to receiver personal feedback from every delegate.

Therefore, if the delegates enjoy themselves, they will give great feedback to the trainer who then has a greater chance of success in their next bid.

We are to provide an internetbased request & offer marketplace that brings together buyers and trainers. The platform will allow buyers to specify what they want (timeframe, price, other details). Trainers may then bid for the work. The buyer can select the best option. After the training is complete, the trainees (or delegates) are obliged to complete simple feedback on the trainer for others to view.

In other words, it is a TripAdvisor for trainers.

Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?


Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

The professional training business. These are the 1-5 day courses that corporations require their employees to attend. For example Rhetoric Presentation Skills, Project Management or IT specific such as Advanced Word or Excel.

The customer, is NOT the trainer. The customer is the person looking for trainers. This could be 1 of three persons: A private individual, a HR Manager or a Training Manager.

A Private Individual: David is a young professional male, 31 years old, in a relationship and is technology - IT savy. David is a product of the machine. School, college and university has produced him to comply. He already has 5 years of experience and realises that he needs to stay ahead of the game to get that next job or promotion. Yet as someone defined as Gen-Y he is however frustrated with the rat-race but accepts that this is probably corporate life. He is in a relationship, which he is enjoying but no big pressure just yet to start a family: Life is just too exciting in the city with parties and endless entertainment. That said, the pressure to advance his career is building, he does not want to get stuck where he is. He is fully aware that learning on the job is key, but so is formal training, which is part of his yearly plan, set with his manager. Professional training could give him the foundation knowledge to have the confidence to try things out in the workplace so that he stands out from his colleagues when the time comes for promotion or a change.

HR Manager: Claire has moved from being an assistant, then to HR and is now a HR Manager. She is 46, has two teenage children and is well liked in the company. She is however, often frustrated as her role has little power in the organisation, other than screening recruitment candidates. Every year though, especially after the quarterly cycles of reviews (her company does them quarterly, not yearly which was a change she was proud to introduce - a big change but it was 2 years ago) she gets requests from employees for training, as the employees managers sees a need. The manager has simply asked the employee to find something, and to go and ask HR. She now wants to improve this service and source some great Trainers.

Training Manager: John is 43. He's bright, keen and as a fellow founder of the business is committed to the cause. He is married with one young boy, who is the spark of his life. John thinks out of the box and in doing so realised that the company is losing lots of opportunity and money in poorly executed training and development. He grabbed the chance to change this. He is looking to engage the latest greatest breed of trainers that don't just come in and do a course and leave, but engage him. The trainer must prepare the courses for him and follow up afterwards. The trainer must help John quantify that the investment in training and development is improving the performance of the organisation. If together, they cannot prove it, if they cannot show that training is closing the gap between where the company needs to go and where it is today, then the risk to the business is huge. They will never get where they need to go.

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

These are the main things, it must be emotional and it has to be about them - not us:

- It is Their Future
- Training is Human
- Trust in the platform and users

Other aspects we've considered include
-- It is quick to search (speed)
-- quality of trainers is verified by a community
-- Save money
-- Reputation building

Tagline we've tried, but we not happy with:
-- Book the best relevant person for the training
-- Prepare for the future, find the best trainer
-- Unique place connecting trainers and companies
-- Unique place to secure your successful future
-- Book the best relevant person for the training
-- No more surprises with quality of your training
-- We assure best matching between HR and trainers
-- We connect trainers and HR
-- Find unique trainers for the company future
-- Specialised niche trainers

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

https://www.springest.co.uk/: find your way in personal and professional development
http://trainersdirect.com/ Work Smarter! Learn Faster! Dare to Succeed!
http://www.findcourses.co.uk/ Professional Development - Find and compare professional training courses

Style and Concept

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

Human, community

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

We are open.

List your favorite taglines

Drive with Uber: Your Car. Your Schedule. Your Move.

Do you want to include additional info?

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