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Business Info

Business Name


What does your company do?

Registration and payment web applications

Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?

Automate your registration
Manage your data anywhere
Charging online is now easy

Target Audience

What is your industry?

People that decide on a new registration application

Describe your audience

They are not that tech savvy, normally very attentive to details. They are mid management and have very little time. They deal wit ha lot of people and problems daily.

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

Register, change, manage

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

I don't know

Style and Concept

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

see explanation below

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

see explanation below

List your favorite taglines

see explanation below

Do you want to include additional info?

We are looking for 3 tag lines that will work with our initial tagline.
The name of the company is Regpack (registration packageWe are looking for 3 tag lines that will work with our initial tagline.
The name of the company is Regpack (registration package) and the tagline is "Register, Charge, Manage"
On our homepage we are going to have 3 frames that change according to these three things that we do.
You will find the images and taglines we are currently using attached.

we need to make something that is snappy, that addresses what we will do for the client (and not what we do), and that is understandable easily.
Remember that the images come one after the other, so the three tag lines need to work together. They also need to be connected to the "register, charge, manage" theme.
Every tagline needs to have a sub line that explains what they get. Last, each unit has 4 bullets that explain a little more.
You will see below a more expensive explanation of each unit of the service.

Currently we have:

Automate your registration - And gain more completed registrations, less support issues, and happier clients.

Built forms - Ask any question, in any format! Our form builder is up to it.
More completed registrations - The application wizard will make sure applicants fill out everything.
More correct registration - Embed your logic so every applicant fills out the correct forms for him.
Less support issues - Applicants can track their progress and are reminded of deadlines, automatically.

Charging online is now easy - Gain the ability to charge in multiple currencies, make the payment part of the registration process and set individual payment plans.

Any currency, any method - Let applicants pay with credit cards, e-Check, checks or cash. Seamlessly.
Get paid fast - On average our clients get paid 14-21 days faster since the payment is part of the registration process.
Payment plans - Automatically set payment plans according to individual applicant needs.
Track - Stay on top of balances and cash flow.

Manage your data from anywhere- And gain the ability to access your data anywhere, view statistics, generate reports, and share information.

From anywhere - Reach your data on a secure, accessible, reliable, and fast platform.
Statistics - A graph is worth a thousand data lines. View statistics from multiple projects, use graph hot points to dive in if you need.
Reports - Generate reports based on forms and user actions.
Sharing tools - Export only the information you want to share with suppliers and vendors.

Other main taglines we where thinking of:
Automate your registration
Streamline your charging
Boost your managing

Automate your registration
Streamline your charging
Expand your management tools

A little about the service:
Registration: The system enables organizations to build forms and create a registration process that is linear. The process enables the applicant to monitor their progress at all times and makes sure that the applicant completed the registration. The system is tailor made to the website of the client and presents a seamless experience for the organization and their clients. The organization can enter conditional logic into the process so all their biz logic is in the process itself. Basically what happens is that the registration "just happens" as people enter and the system adapts the process to their needs according to the answers they give along the way.

Charging: The system enables to enter the payments (application fee, deposit, actual payment etc...) into the process itself. So they can allow people to continue only if they have paid the application fee for example. The process is seamless to the client and since it seems like a part of the registration process, people tend to pay at a higher rate.
The application enables clients to pay in multi currency and the organization receives the money in the currency they want. The system is able to take various payment types like credit card, e-check, paypal etc... the administrators are also able to add in manual payments (if they get checks for example). Everything is synced and everyone knows the balances all the time (client and coordinator).
The system uses a new and intuitive invoicing system where there is one main invoice that works until the coordinator of the project closes it off. It makes more sense to clients and people that are not familiar with accounting principles.

The system has extensive data management tools that enable the admins to filter data according to any data that was gathered and entered. They can generate any type of report, they can see statistics of things according to their needs. They have an extensive search mechanism. They are able to view data according to applicant, according to information unit, or according to anything else basically.
There are tools that enable to know what is more important to take care of (something like a prioritizing mechanism) and there are sharing tools that enable the organizations to share only the information they want with their vendors and suppliers.

That is what the system does.

We look forward to seeing your posts!




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