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Company Name

NCE Battery

Company Purpose

We mostly sell medical batteries and mounting brackets. The batteries and brackets are mostly used in the healthcare or emergency fields (ambulances, hospitals, etc.)

Top 3 Things

express that they sell batteries and mounts, sound confident/stand out, and that they support life and safety - either directly or indirectly (for example in the document provided, the client did like one idea we had that was "Take charge; stay secure" - these don't directly say they sell batteries/mounts but words like "charge" and "secure" tie into that. Direct words from the client: I would like to incorporate a word for each product line along with something catchy. I would like it to sound confident, maybe use the word "life" "future", or a call to action like, "stay secure", NCE as reliable…

Target Audience

healthcare and emergency response professionals, interested in the safety/reliability/preparedness of their crew/staff

Current Tagline

Have not used anything in the past

Favorite taglines

Really like Ferno's: Inspired Safety Innovation


Professional, modern, stand out, confident

Creative should NOT use

Do not want anything funny/silly.

Additional Info

Really would like the slogan to incorporate or make reference to mounts AND batteries somehow, either directly or indirectly. Please see the attached files of more information. It includes some competitor/related sites and their slogans, some key seed words that we liked, as well as 2 rounds of ideas our team originally came up with to present to the client (NCE Battery). This is so you have an idea of what we already came up with...the client highlighted the top 3 they liked most but wasn't sure they were completed "there" yet. Also attached is their new logo (however the slogan on there is just a placeholder)


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