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Business Info

Business Name

Nourish Your Brand

What does your company do?

Provides expert branding and presentation coaching for nutrition, wellness and functional medicine practitioners.

The business will offer proven processes to develop an individualized Brand Structure and a Creative Brief that will help clients crystallize their vision for their brand and help translate that into language that a creative designer can understand - so they can get the logo/web design that they really want.

The business will also offer presentation coaching - both developing clear and concise content and actually delivering a TED-worthy presentation.

HOWEVER, I am not a designer. I don't make logos, business cards or websites. So I don't want to confuse potential customers about what I offer.

Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?

Clarify your vision. Stand out. Get noticed. (what I've been using now)
Brand coaching for nutrition & wellness professionals. (what I used first)

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your audience

Nutrition, wellness and health coaches, functional medicine practitioners and naturopathic doctors some may have jumped right into this career at a young age, but others have come to it after their own struggles not finding answers in conventional medicine. They know that they have life-changing (and possibly life-saving) advice, if only people would listen and commit to change.

But developing a brand is NOT in their wheelhouse and they may either spend countless hours trying to figure out how to position their business in a crowded , or just skip the branding part altogether. They have no idea how to work with creatives to get the right logo, tagline, website, social media pages that fits their business and their values.

This audience also has very little experience giving presentations - and that's how they gain new clients - by giving workshops and webinars. Their slides are text dense, they don't have a clear, concise takeaway message for the audience, and they lack a coherent story.

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

Nourish Your Brand will help you stand out in a crowded field by clarifying your vision, branding and content.
Because I'm the expert in what I do, I will make you look (and feel) smarter.
I'll save you time by helping you get exactly what you want from creatives: that I am a shortcut to branding "clarity".

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

Not a whole lot of specific branding competitors that have a good tagline.
One is: Branding & business visioning for creative entrepreneurs

Because I'm a branding expert, my branding has to be awesome.

Some of the nutrition/wellness taglines I like:
Be your own cure.
Eat right. Dig Deep. Grow Strong and Live Rad.

Style and Concept

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

Confident expertise. Insightful inspiration. Supportive navigation.
A combination of the Sage and Caregiver archetypes: the expert whos been around the block a few times, who looks out for you, makes sure youre on the right track, the one you go to with questions. Gives the feeling of being supported while being provided all of the wisdom they need to fulfill their vision.

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

Not a fan of the word "solution"

List your favorite taglines

I spent 8 years in advertising. I've lost track of ones I like and dislike. And I'm possibly a little jaded.

Do you want to include additional info?

My next step is to get a logo. Likely this tagline would go right underneath the business name, Nourish Your Brand. I'm struggling as to whether this tagline should be more descriptive in what I offer, or the benefit to my audience. Leaning towards audience benefit.

I'm attaching a creative brief for the tagline as well as my brand structure.



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