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Cleaning & Maintenance


Company Name

Summerlin Residential Services

Company Purpose

Handyman Services, General Home Maintenance and Repair!

Top 3 Things

Reafirm our integrity with our customers, something catchy that people will remember us by, and finally something that integrats well with our name, summerlin Residential Services or "SRS"

Target Audience

We take care of all different types of homes. Our home prices range from $300,000 to 2-3 Million daollar homes so our audience is diverse. We find that most of our clients truly care about theirt home and want it done right the first time. Values, interests, education, industry, and occupation are from A-Z. so there is not one size that fits all. This is why we need one of you?

  • Summerlin Handyman Services

  • Warrens Handy Hands - AKA Warren Weiner

  • Las Vegas Handyman

  • Ricks Handymen

  • Justin Hobbs

Current Tagline

Not really, but on the next door app we pride ourselves in, 'doing it right the first time!" We find a majority of our repairs are fixing other handyman repairs that were done improperly. We are not the cheapest and definitley not the most expensive but we do the job right, no matter the cost or we don't do it at all!

Favorite taglines

We do it right the first time!??


Currently we lead the feedback for the number 1 handyman in our area with 14 positive feedbacks in our area; number 2 is at 3-4. So we are miles ahead of the competition. However we still get beat out by price a lot of times because we are not cheap. We are licensed and insured and others may not be, this is why they offer a lower price and inferior workmanship. We want to eliminate those issues. We want to continue to grow and assist our neighbors fix their dream home. A home is a huge investment; we want to help our customer keep it looking its best. We don't always get every bid but we do provide an excellent second opinion if we were not there first. We pride ourselves in being our customers advocate or liaison for their home and everything that encompasses it. We are not just a company we are their friend as well.

Creative should NOT use

I am open for anything at this point...

Additional Info

I think I have covered most of it. To give you a little back ground I am a 23 year military veteran and I served in the Army and I am still serving in the US Air Force. I pride myself in doing things right. As a military member and veteran, we think black and white and if something is not right then justice needs to be served! We seek justice as veterans and military members. This transcends into my business and I am very passionate about what I do. I have integrity and on our business card is a quote from Henry Ford that says - "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking". We like to say quality means doing it right EVEN when no one is looking or watching!



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