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Business Name

System 5 Marketing

What does your company do?

System 5 Marketing essentially take your products, platforms and passions and turn them into REAL assets by using the Internet to promote, campaign and interact with your target audience by deeply understanding your business, personally working with your company and designing strategies to monetize your online presence.

We do this through whatever means necessary after strategizing and understanding your short, medium and long term goals.

Whatever your needs are, we'll craft a plan of attack to ensure that not only do you get the best service possible, but your brand precedes you, and people find your business online and convert to customers and leads.

Bottom Line: The value that we provide goes far beyond just building websites, SMM, Blogging, SEO, etc. -- rather the value in what we do is helping our clients create a BUSINESS online by either creating or enhancing their current internet strategy/presence.

Check out our temporary website for more color:


Do you have an existing tagline or tagline(s) that you've previously used?

Here are some lame tag lines that I've used temporarily to get things started and why we really need your help:

* Not just another internet marketing firm
* Top to bottom Internet marketing

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Internet Marketing/Website Development/Business Development

Describe your audience

This is critical because although the current tag line we currently use on our website is generic, it DOES describe that we are NOT just another internet marketing firm.

As a result, our target audience are companies ranging in revenue between $2-50 million per year (small businesses but NOT mom and pop) that can afford our admittedly high end services.

Our target client knows that they need help with their online presence, doesn't have the time, skills, knowledge or passion to do what they know they need to do, and has the budget to pay not only for our initial ramp up, website design, etc., but ALSO for our ongoing support, maintenance, SMM and SEO services that can range from $2-$10,000 per month.

What 3 things do you want your tagline to communicate to your audience?

1) First and foremost that our biggest PASSION is to help our clients build a REAL business (in most cases from scratch) through the Internet -- while in other cases should they already have an online presence they are not happy with or does not serve their company or goals well -- we take that to a whole new level.

2) Second: Nothing we do is low quality (or cheap!) -- if clients are looking for a quick and dirty website, they can go to Elance.com or Craigslist, but we aren't the right firm for them.

3) Third: Our accountability, attention to detail, expertise and passion are unrivaled. We won't forget one single detail, integration aspect, bug fix, etc., while at the same time needing very little input from our clients...essentially you come to us, we handle everything after deeply understanding your business and what you do, and what you WANT to do.

List the taglines used by your top three competitors

I wouldn't say that any of these companies are our "competitors" because we operate in such a wide open marketplace and our niche is very unique, as well as our value proposition, but for purposes of thoroughness and making sure that you understand some of those that I respect in the industry, here are 3:

- Portent Interactive: http://www.portentinteractive.com/ (Rise Above The Rest) -- generic and lame, please don't copy that one!

- http://www.seomoz.org/ (SEO software. Simplified) -- nice tagline, succinct and powerful.

- can't really find others that are similar, but if you are familiar with this space it's not hard to find a bunch.

Style and Concept

What character, tenor or spirit do you want to convey?

As stated above, I want to convey quality, deep understanding and passion for the client, a collaborative effort, execution, and results.

Are there any words or phrases you especially like or hate?

I don't want off the wall stuff, but do want to be differentiated and something that is NOT generic...I know generic when I see or hear it, and as an expert on CrowdSpring helping companies with their tag lines, you probably do too!

List your favorite taglines

- Stop Searching. Start Training. (an internet company that I used to run for personal trainers and clients to find one another)

- Cant think of any others right now, but like I said, I know them when I see them.

Do you want to include additional info?

For more information, visit the temporary website that we put up for our company here:


This will really help you see and feel what we do.

The purpose of this tag line is to then create a log, new website design, etc., so we are starting from the ground up.



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