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Cosmetics & Beauty


Company Name

Eco Nails

Company Purpose

Eco Nails was developed with the idea of offering high quality services, using high quality products, and outstanding customer service in a relaxing, calming and a virtually chemical free environment using natural and organic products.

We are an eco-friendly, all-natural full-service nail salon. We specialize in manicures, pedicures, reflexology and waxing services. In a relaxing, calm, Zen like atmosphere. We don't have TVs, nor do we have public Wi-Fi. We play very earthy, zen like world music.

Our services are offered at conventional and value pricing with the expected standard of American luxury.

Our current tag line is "An Environmentally Friendly Spa".

If you look at our logo on-line (www.econailssalon.com), you will see that the current tag line is in all block letters in a rectangular box with white background. We would like to change this tag line to something that reflects, natural, beauty, calming, relaxing, etc., etc., etc.

Also, instead of the rectangular box with the white background, we would like to move to a more oval, or rounded at the ends area for the space for the new tag line. We envision this being a green color toward the edges that moves to a lighter tone of green toward the center. Something to the affect of subtle sunburst effect toward the center.

Instead of block letters would like something that “flows” a bit better. A font that we like is "before the rain". However, we are not sure if this font would be legible from a distance since the tagline will go on an outside sign that is viewed from a distance.

Current Website
Top 3 Things

all natural, beauty, relaxing, safe/clean

Target Audience

-28 year old and up
-Mid to high income
-Mainly female
-Mid to upper class / $50,000 annual income and up
-Mainly professional - medical, educators, sales, marketing
-Mainly college educated
-Busy lifestyles with a sense of personal care in a clean sanitary environment and expects quality
-Interests include home, family, travel, working hard

Current Tagline

An Environmentally Friendly Spa

Favorite taglines

-Think Different
-Diamonds are a girl's best friend
-Maybe it's Maybelline


All natural, quality, unique, safe, clean

Creative should NOT use

Do not like anything funny or silly. Like sophisticated, classy, upscale and catchy.

Additional Info

See company purpose section.



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