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Real Estate & Construction


Company Name

Bristle Painting Company

Company Purpose

Exterior and Interior (focus is more on exterior) house painting. Mid to high-end homes. More expensive/value add company.

Top 3 Things

Great work, trust and a fair price

Target Audience

Everything from Middle-class to Upper. We charge a somewhat premium price, and hope to meet or exceed their expectations. Cincinnati, OH area (USA). College educated. 35-60 years of age. Combined household income of $100k+. Value design, communication, cleanliness and mid to high concern about what other's think. Strong value in word of mouth referrals from friends and family.
Keep in mind that we don't want to over-sell our quality. Afterall, we are house painters... ;)

Current Tagline



Think Pinterest.com. Better than "Average", but not ridiculously expensive. Down to earth. A painting company that is not "Corporate", but a company that people are proud to recommend and feel "cool" to know about and be able to recommend. - Sorry about all of the stupid quotation marks! Listen, it's just painting. I don't take myself to seriously, however, I want our customers to feel connected, like they are getting what they paid for and be proud to recommend us to their friends and family, not their enemies ;) To me, Bristle Painting Co. is a breath of fresh air in the Painting community. The Lumineers (band) of the painting community (I don't think we can use that as the tagline, otherwise I totally would! Somewhere in between the crappy hillbilly painter and the franchised/corporatized painting company. We are approachable and real. If I could separate myself from this company emotionally, I'd write this hook/slogan myself ;)

Creative should NOT use

See description. We are passionate about painting. Make it genuine. We are not cheap, but damnit, we provide a great service and finished product that people will love and be proud of.

Additional Info

Inspired by quality, passion for painting, appreciation for architecture and design, art and did I mention the Lumineers (band). May seem odd that I keep mentioning them, but they seem to exude the quirky confidence, talent, passion and success that I envision Bristle Painting Co. to have/portray. Create emotion!



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