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We are BMNT Partners, a small, elite national security consultancy based out of Palo Alto, CA. The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community hire us to help them tackle their nastiest, most complicated problems and deepen their connections with cutting-edge startups in Silicon Valley. Our team designs highly effective solutions for clients that directly address the heart of their problems. Clients also gain access to our network of over 5,000 startups, technologists, and Venture Capitalists.

BMNT has a diverse team composed of distinguished military officers (with many ties to the special forces community), young avant-garde entrepreneurs, and highly-skilled technologists.

BMNT operates in two worlds, and we need business cards that do the same. One day we are engaging with officials at the highest levels of government (including NATO and other US-allies), and the next we're meeting a 24-year-old PhD candidate (in academia we interface with everyone from students to faculty to deans/administrators). The same goes for the private sector, where we meet with everyone from the CEO of AT&T to the startup-founder living in their parents' garage.

While our start came from the national security sector, we are currently expanding our portfolio to include large fortune 500 companies and advanced manufacturing.

Given the diversity of our engagements and our expansion to non-national security focused clients, we would like business cards that are not explicitly military-focused.

LASTLY!!! Google BMNT. It means "Begin Morning Nautical Twilight," and refers to a specific time in the morning when the sky turns a certain color & you cannot distinguish shadows / silhouettes. We have specific shades of blue that correspond to the colors of the sky (#092534 #153040 #135B81 #00698B #03A9CE)




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Clean, modern, sophisticated


A winning business card is simple, but stands out and can be recognized lying on a coffee table from a few feet away. It has at least one side with a light background (not necessarily white) so that we can write notes on it, but it doesn't show dirt / smudges. It should also have our company's logo and colors (#092534 #153040 #135B81 #00698B #03A9CE ). It SHOULD NOT have anything overtly military or governmentor, and under no circumstances should it depict the US Flag. Also, please no metallic colors.



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