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I would like to produce a book that is specific to real estate investors for the purpose of guerrillia marketing. One of the most challenging things in this business is getting leads and the cost per lead. Guerrillia Marketing is all of the techniques that we use to market where we use our time and effort instead of money. I would like to include alot of different tips and tricks as well as pictures of the technique being used. I can help with suppling ideas and pictures. I started writing this and got to about 15 pages but I am so busy that i thought that this venue might help to get it done.

Update 21-Nov-11 GMT
I just wanted to list some of the marketing techniques.
2 different kinds of business cards. 1- with all of your info for in person contact. 2- billboard card- just we buy houses info and phone number.-these are meant to be left around
1)signs on busy roads and intersections (bandit signs)
2)Signs on telephone poles (up high so they last longer before being pulled down)
3)Signs in front of bank owned properties that we are looking at.(the owners are banks out of state so these tend to last a while and give us a presence in the neighborhood)
4)Signs in front of houses that we own and are working on.(we own that land-however temporary it may be and we need to take advantage of that and market while we can for more in that neighborhood)
5)Wrapped or lettered cars and/or trucks (every wrapped car I have done has earned enough to more than pay for the car)
6)Wrapped enclosed trailers (we leave these in high traffic locations or in driveways of current projects)
7)wrapping or lettering other peoples vehicles ( i generally pay 100 to 150 a month for people to have their car wrapped with my info)
8)door knocking ( this is primarily done to homes that are being foreclosed on that look like they meet our criteria)
9)Sticky notes ( these are regular post it notes that are preprinted with our ad. I walk neighborhoods and stick them on doors. They are always read because they look personal)
10) door hangers (these are self explantory- nice full colred ad hanging on door knob)
11)fed-ex packages- These envelopes are free. I take them and put my info in them and leave it with the address of the property filled out against the front door. I use 9-10-11 together while doing 8). This is so that I have a stronger presence. Each on has different info. The reason is other investors are also coming over and this way instead of getting 1 out of 5 i will get 3 out of 8. Much better results since you are there anyway.
12)business cards- with all info for face to face encounters
13) biilboard cards.-these I like to look just like a billboard. Minimal info. Justwe buy houses info and phone number. I do not put a web address on these cards. The reason is that I am often on an appointment and when I ask where they heard of us- they will show me an advertisement that is not mine. they plugged in the website to the google bar(as most people do) and then clicked on my ad. I figure if i got you through my advertising, I do not want to send you to where all of my competitors are advertising
14)bIllboard cards ar gas stations- I do not drive around to do any of these. I only do them if I am already there. When i am pumping gas i always tag the pump with my billboard cards.
15)billboard cards in supermarket coupon holders.( as I walk around the supermarket I am always sticking my cards in the coupon holders so that the next person gets my ad
16)billboard cards on bulletin boards- every board I pass gets many cards. Starbucks to laundrymats to walmart. As many out as possible.
17)Billboard cards when you pay the tab- Whenever I pay a check anywhere I always slip in a billboard card in. you never know where your next deal is coming from
18)billboard cards in magazines while in a waiting room- whenever I am at a dentist or doctors office and am waiting in the lobby, I slip at least one card into as many magazines as possible.
19)billboard cards in business card display racks- when ever I go somewhere that has one of those business card display racks I will take my cards and put them if front of the other cards.
20)canvassing- this is where you select a neighbor hood that you would like to buy in and just walk it putting out door hangers or sticky notes. This can be outsourced
21) Write a book- When you write a book you are automatically considered an expert by many. Writing a book helps you to have credibility with homeowners as well as investors that you are wholesaling to.
22) write an e-book or a top 10 reasons to choose your company- These are just for internet marketing. Generally when you are giving something away for free it makes people less guarded about filling out there info.
23)speaking at local events or real estate clubs.-Speaking also positions you as an expert. This is a great way to get investors. If you are not good at public speaking- toastmaster is a great organization that can help you with that. Public speaking is the number one fear people have.
24)submit articles( papers need content. If you submit articles that are relevant they will get used and you will have more free adverting and credibility. Also you will then bring these articles on appointments with homeowners to help relax them that you are for real.
25)puff peices- sometimes you can get these for free and sometimes they will charge you a small fee but these are storys written just about you and your company. These are priceless for your credibilty kit.
26)website- do not skimp on this. you must make it look proffesional. You do not want to look fly by night.
27)offer a free no obligation consultation on your website. Again, Free is good and people want to know just because they called you that they are not obligated to you to sell thier house.
28)Pay per click- this is awesome if used correctly. I like to not only put in all of the usual key words but also most of my big competitors names so when peopkle google them they find me.
29)attend networking events- I do regular networking. Generally I do not buy houses from networking but is a greatr sourse of leads for new investors. Every now and then I do get a house this way.
30)Sponsor charity events- I do at least one of these a year. I have never bought a house from one of these vents but a do pick up alot of new investors. these investors are my favorite because they are mine. Unlike the ones from investor groups that we all share. these investors are soley mine and generall i can sell them multiple houses.
31)Magnets- I do not hand these out but i do put them on refridgeratiors whenever i pass one,. Either on an aapointment or when looking at a vacant house. i once bought a house from a lady who called off of a magnet and when I asked she said it was there years ago when she bought the house and she just never took it off.
32)direct mail- Direct mail gets a decent response but can become pricey. The good part is you can refine your mailing list as much as you want with filters such as neighborhood, Equity, how long owned etc.
33postcards- Same rules apply as letters but they are alot less expensive to mail
34)yellow letters- These letter are printed on yellow lined paper or note pads and are made to look like you hand wrote it. It gives the homeowner the impression that you specifically want thier house and that is not mass mailed. These work great
35)Free seminars- I do these for the purpose of getting new investors to wholesale to. I give out a bunch of free information and in return I now know what these people are looking for and can contact them when I have something that meets thier needs. Some people also do homebuyer seminars. I do not do these because i do not do much in the way of retail but these work great for lining up retail homebuyers and then putting them into one of your properties
36)Facebook- this works for me for getting my deals out there. I have many investors and agents as friends. it is instant and free.
37) facebook pages- this is a great way to build lists of investors. You make a page geared toward investors and give them free information and tips. When you have a home to wholesale you already have a relationship with these people so it is a soft sell
40)youtube- I reccomend that you start a youtube channel for your business. It is a great way to meet new investors and also to have them feel comfrotable with you. They can watch you doing rehabs from start to finish or just talking with them about new techniques.
41)Blog- You must have a blog- They are free and are very important. People will find your blog and follow it. What you say matters and it keeps them engaged. Do not get discouraged when you start and have nobody reading it. It takes time but it will catch on.
42)Craigslist- this is the guerrilla marketers best friend. Its simple and free. I use it to sell homes, To rent homes, To find new investors to wholesale to and to find new birddogs to find me properties.
43)mls) this is the multiple listing service. If you are not an agent you can try to get login info from an agent that you use. this is great for looking at bank owned properties. In todays market it is essential that you have access because you need to see what the bank owneds are selling for in a neighborhood before you can offer on a house.
44)investor clubs- These are a great way to meet fellow investors. Alot of business takes place here. You may find wholesalers to buy from or find investors to sell to. Generally most clubs cost about 100 dollards a year.
45)Handwriiten signs to sell or rent- I use sign blanks to sell or rent and write on them with a thick black marker. I have foung that buyers and renters are alot less intimidated to call when they believe its a homeowner that they are calling and not a company. I have tested this and get a much higher call rate with handwriiten signs. I do not however use handwritten signs on my buying signs, thosei want to look proffesional
46)Directional signs- These work great for lining up rent to own buyers. I put them everywhere even when I do not have a house there. I use it to build my list of possible rent to own tenants and this keeps my vacancie rate very low.
47)multiple signs in yard- When i have a vacant house i make it look like a circus with signs in the yard. i want everyone who passes to see and know the info.
48)attend national seminars in your area- I go to the free seminars that come to my area for the specific purpose of prospecting. This is a new pool of investors just getting started and i can either help by selling them properties to flip or if thet locate properties i can buy them or assist to sell.
49)bird dogs- These are marketers. They sometimes consider themselves investors but really they are marketers. They locate properties for you and then turn over the contract for a small fee. Usually 1 to 3 thousand dollars. Its good for you and good for them. Always treat your birdogs good or they will find someone else to sell to.
50) corporate clothing- You have to buy clothes anyway. By having we buy houses on your shirts, jackets and hats you do a couple of things. One is it lets everyone know what you do. Often people will walk up to you and say "youre the we buy houses guy" people seem to think its all one comany. 2) is you will make all of your clothes a tax deduction.
51)press release- You can either write this or outsource it but putting out a press release is great for you business. It is just one more thing for people to see when they google you that adds credibility.
52)elance- this is a great resource for hiring creatives to do your writing. they can be used for your press releases as well as articles.
53)bus tours. this only works if you have a lot of properties available or if you partner with other investors who have alot. you advertise "free foreclosure and wholesale house tour" you rent a bus and take your prospects to see the properties. It also gives you a chance to get to know them and find out thier needs for future deals.
54)open houses- When I do open houses for a wholesale house we make an event out of it. I advertise it to all of my wholesale investor lists and let every one know even if they are not looking to come and have some food and beer. I always bring a grill and make hot dogs and hamburgers and serve drinks. It is a lot less intimidating and forces people to see the house. Sometimes you need eyeballs on the house because without actually going to it its hard for people to see its value. this is when I have open houses.
55)referrals- always ask for referrals. If you do not you are leaving money on the table. Everyone knows someone who is either looking to buy or looking to sell or looking to rent. Or knows someone who knows someone who is.
56)t.v. This is self explantory. it is expenve but it works. My only advice is to spend the extra money and have it professionally done. NO talking dogs.
57)pens- I use pens with my ad but I put them in places where I want to prospect. Such as at my title company, Banks, Mortgage companies. Also when ever i am signing papers with a homeowner I leave it with them. One little added level of comfort.
Postlets- This site helps you to set up a professional looking ad for selling or renting your home and then syndicates it on many different sites.
58) ebay- I use ebay sometimes to list a wholesale house for auction. I do not often actually end up selling them on ebay but i do get the contact info for every who bids and then i contact them for my wholesale deals.
59) ringcentral- I use this service to set up a dedicated line for my real estate business. It allows me to have a different extension for each property if i want and tell all of the important info. Also when someone leaves a meesage it will email it to me. This saves me alot of time all for arounf 10 dollars a month.
60)property managersthey are a great referral source for tired landlords who want to sell as well as motivated landlords who are looking to buy.
61)mortgage brokersthey are a great referral source for pre approved buyers who have not yet found a house and also people who cannot get approved who can be rent to own or owner financed buyers.
62) Guerrilla cards- These are by far my favorite marketing technique. The are your advertisement that is made to look like a folded up 20 or 100 dollar bill. You just drop these on the groung where ever you go and instantly people will pick them up. What makes these cards so awesome is that they almost never get thrown away. If someone picks it up and gets mad that its not money they throw it right back down. If they laugh they take it to play tricks on other people. Either way they keep circulating until they come accress someone who is looking to sell a home. These are my most cost effective and favorite lead source. There are a mony companies who make these. I use
Update 21-Nov-11 GMT
I am new to crowdspring and was unaware of the tight timeline.