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Starts: 2-Feb-11 9:01 p.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Feb-11 9:01 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1500, was awarded to FarynBl...

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Madison Foxcroft, 33, leaves her position in a prestigious management consulting firm to join an elite all-female headhunting firm in New York. This publicly visbible, but privately secret sisterhood, finds and places men in various political, executive and leadership roles throughout the world. Their heritage reaches back centuries, when a woman's source of power often rested in her personal alliances and ability to help men advance into, or fall from a powerful position.

Update 5-Feb-11 GMT
CLARIFICATION! Writers and aspiring writers - some of you may be new to this process. The deadline posted on this entry is MY deadline - not yours. The date listed is when I am supposed to "pick a winner" - from amoung those who choose to post a page or two of examples.

As of today (Saturday, Feb 5) I've received several emails asking some clarifing questions - but no examples, yet. Don't try and draft an entire chapter - rather put a page or two together showing some dialogue and how you imagine a small piece of this story might look/sound.

As for the project deadline - that is very flexible depending on YOUR schedule. I don't have a specific deadline other than I'd like this first round of 90-130 pages be completed within say the next few to several months. But there may be someone who has 2 weeks available in late Feb/early Mar - and could crank out their ideas fully in say two weeks - that would be great too.

Also, for what it's worth, I'm not looking for a "finished product" on this project. There isn't a good way to indicate that on the project profile. To put it another way, I would rather have a C+ or B- with 120 pages than an A+ with 10 pages.

Whatever the FINAL deliverable from you (the winner during the next few days) - I'm assuming that either you and I will continue working on it together with a new and additionally agreed upon compensation separate from this "competition" - or, I will take what you've developed and separately complete it on my own.

This is the first time I've tried using this process and this site. I think it's very intriguing. The total amount I paid to get this entry was more than the $1,500. The other charges go to crowdSPRING for their profit and operating costs to make this run.

I also recognize that $1,500 is a lot of money to some people - it has been to me at various times in my life and career - and not so much to others. I arrived at the number thinking - hmmm - $10 per page is about right - so $10 times 130 pages would be $1,300. Then I added $200 to that.

If you think you'd like to give this a try - depending on how fast you can think/write - this amount may be too little - or may be a real nice chunk of change.

Anyway - I hope this helps clarify some things for you - please consider drafting up a page or two and submitting it so I can give some specific feedback to you - and you and I can figure out if we should tackle this project.

Once I select a winner - while I could be available to answer a few clarifying questions - I'd prefer the Creative to just run with it and write what they think is interesting withing the general guidelines I've already included on the project entry.

Thanks in advance!

Update 6-Feb-11 GMT
Very cool question just came in - should this be first or third person. Short answer is either is good with me. I had envisioned it as third person - but first person (from the eyes of Madison - or potential another character) could be interesting put a very cool take on it. Or possibly a blend. Really, that should be your decision (first person, third person, or mixed). Thanks for the question! John.
Update 13-Feb-11 GMT
Thanks to all who considered this project - and especially to those who contributed their creative ideas.

This project is closed and has selected it's Creative.

- John.