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Business Info

Who are you?

I am an indie author. Links to who I am and what I write is below. I am looking for fantasy art to use on my blog as part of releasing my next book.


What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

I need print files suitable for a book cover, but they will be used on a blog, desktop, supporting materials like posters, cards, etc that are:
- No graphic version may be larger than 88 megs as a PDF, JPG, and PNG file
- Book cover size would be 8.5"x11"
- Web graphic would be 400x600
- Desktop would be 1920x1200 and preview thumbnail that would be same proportion but 100x
- Vector EPS, but not larger than 88 megs

I may do an alt version of the book with the winner of this contract for fun.

Who Is Your Audience?

Fans of the fantasy, high fantasy, dark fantasy, epic fantasy genre


We Like These Examples

Please refer to the sample pictures included in this file.

We Absolutely Must Have

The focus of this art is a monster called a slaad. If you do a search on slaad, or have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, you'll see that these are monster versions of frogs. I DO NOT want a monster version of a frog. I want a re-imagined Alien from HR Giger's work in the Alien movies, with some frog-like characteristics.

If you look up an alien queen, you'll see the funky creature from the Scott Ridley movies. Using that a starting point:
- Instead of a long narrow head, broaden it in a froggish manner
- Give it frog-like bulbous eyes
- Now give it yellow-glowing eyes in the center of the face
- It has pale grey (veined with almost white-grey veins running throughout) bone and horn plates running from the back of its hands to back of neck
- It has dark grey almost black body covering, like the aliens and reflective too
- All fanged mouth; note that if you're reimagining the aliens from the movie, the slaads will NOT have a mouth within the mouth
- It has a central horn on its head that runs back, narrow and spiked
- Arms and legs, tail are disproportionately long
- It has wings that spread like fingers from its back
- While it does not wear clothing, its body is decorated in thin gold chains that run through piercings. For example, the ridges of its wings would have gold wire wrapped around and through it. Its fingers would have many rings. If you've seen the movie '300', channel the Persian emperor

This MUST NOT have:
- A gangster look
- Nostrils
- Nipples
- Genitals
- A look that even vaguely resembles copyright infringement on HR Giger's work. I'm looking for original art and will be rating based on all of these must-haves.

I'm looking for a dark monster. In my writing, this monster's name is Ylgolth and he can control and throw sentient creatures into his own nightmares, which become real. I describe him as being demonic, enwrapped by barbed chains, and three men tall, but very skinny and lanky.

Armor could work. Ylgolth would not have weapons, but if you drew him holding a spiked bone rod it could work.

Please note, that because I am looking for art for my blog, while there will be a winner, I will probably offer to buy art that looks cool even if I don't award it.

There is also a medusa in this story and I am seeking medusa art as well. So... if you aren't feeling Ylgolth, please consider a submission for Syliri. The sample files named for Syliri are medusa art that I really like. I'm essentially looking for a close up of her face. The file SYLIRI.jpg in all caps is an artwork I found online but can't identify the artist or I would have already offered to buy it for my blog. Syliri would have tribal face markings, snake hair and a pale complexion with iridescent green scales. She's the good "guy" in this book who goes up against Ylgolth. Compared to the SYLIRI file, there'd be no nose piercings and the tattoos/paint would look less like tears. Any sexualization of Syliri will NOT be considered. Really, I'd be very happy with an original creation based off the SYLIRI.JPG sample.



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