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Business Info

Who are you?

I'm just a guy who's using his imagination as an instrument to create a world of his own.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

A book cover is needed for the project that was recently finished. There are four characters that was on the cover that I was imagining. From left to right it's Fesner, Axel, Mar and NK. All of the characters are 13 years old, so they should look pretty young.

Fesner is of average height, with black Daniel Radcliffe looking hair, very bright green eyes and slightly tanned skin. I pictured him in a relaxed position standing with his hands in his pockets wearing a black suit with a black dress shirt with a tie that matched the green of his eyes. His ears are pierced with diamond stud earrings.

Axel is a vampire that's a bit shorter than Fesner is. She has black hair that flows past her shoulders, deep purple eyes and pale skin. I imagined her wearing a short black skirt and a blue t-shirt.

Mar is the tallest and the most muscular of the group, significantly taller than Fesner. He has shaggy blond hair, brown eyes and a mischievous grin. What I imagined him wearing was just a graphic t-shirt and black shorts. The colour of his shirt doesn't really matter (as long as it's not pink lol). He isn't as pale as Axel, but not as tan as Fesner.

NK is the shortest of the group and is the most timid. She has an hourglass figure and her ears are slightly pointed and her hair and eyes are a brilliant blue colour. Her skin tone is similar to Fesner's, having a similar tan. She was wearing a simple strapless white dress that ended around her knees. She has blue earrings that hang down a bit.

They can be standing in a line or sitting on a couch talking to each other or walking forwards dramatically or something lol. As long as they look good, then that's what matters :D

Who Is Your Audience?

Young adults or just regular adults.


We Like These Examples

These examples are similar to what I'm looking for:




So, you know, just the group together as the cover. The images are uploaded just in case the links don't work.

We Absolutely Must Have

All text must be at least 0.5" away from the edges of the cover. What needs to be on the cover is Icedance: The City of Fire since that's what the title is. Also my name, Idrees Sulaiman, should be on there as well.

The back cover text is:
What happens when the ancient minotaurs and the demons of the Hell plane form an alliance? What happens when Death's usurper is amassing a zombie horde and plans to take over the world and one of the most famous heroes goes missing? Well, obviously the answer is getting four kids to deal with the problem.

In a world with magic, monsters and sinistry, a group of kids will have to throw away all of their hopes and dreams for the future, be torn away from their families and undertake this perilous quest. They somehow need to stop the forces of darkness in a city that is famous for being a frozen wasteland and is also famous for being the place where the Sunlight and Snow spirits had a fight to the death.

Can these children defeat their merciless enemies? Can they survive in a world that they have never been exposed to before? If they can't, then the world is kinda screwed...



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