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Business Info

Who are you?

Peter Duffy, owner of Darjeeling Press. We need a cover design for a new book.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

Cover design for a trade paperback book.

Title: Wanting to Be Free: A Spiritual Approach to Addiction and Recovery

The design needs to meet specifications for Lightning Source, our printer. Final version for the printer needs to be on the Lightning Source template. A copy of the template is attached.

For Lightning Source specifications, see:


Specifications for template generation:

trim size: 5.5 x 8.5
Color cover, perfect bound, creme paper, gloss lamination, 212 pages

Who Is Your Audience?

People who are interested in spirituality who are dealing with addiction themselves or who would like to know how to help friends or family members who are dealing with addiction.

Want to convey a sense of hope, that there is a way out of addiction a sense of freedom.


We Like These Examples

Here are some examples from books in the addiction category on Amazon


Like the color palate with a feeling of healing. Graphic conveys sense of freedom. Text is a bit small for thumbnail size


Elegant design, warm colors


Simple design, but text is a little small for a thumbnail

Feel free to go in a completely different direction from these.

We Absolutely Must Have

Please use the attached template for the cover design.

Cover must meet specifications for Lightning Source print on demand. These can be found at http://www.ingramcontent.com/publishers/...

Please see examples of other covers Darjeeling Press has done for general requirements for the layout for our books--placement of logo, barcode, price, etc., on back cover and placement of author, title and logo on spine, etc.

Front cover text:
Title: Wanting to Be Free
Subtitle: A Spiritual Approach to Addiction and Recovery
Author: Neroli Duffy
Additional text: Foreword by Jenny Hunter

Wanting to Be Free
Neroli Duffy
Darjeeling Press logo

Material for back cover:

Back cover text:
It is estimated that one in twelve Americans is dealing with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Millions more are beset by behavioral addictions such as gambling and pornography. The human cost of this epidemic is enormous, both for the victims and their families. Many 12-Step programs and other forms of treatment have been developed to help those who want to be free, with varying degrees of success.
A missing ingredient in these programs is the understanding of the unseen forces that make addiction so difficult to overcome. These forces have been known for centuries, yet they are often discounted in the modern scientific/mechanistic approach to disease and healing.
_Wanting to Be Free_ explores the invisible forces behind addiction and offers spiritual tools that provide new hope for those dealing with addiction. It also presents an integrated approach to addiction, outlining the most effective mental, emotional and physical therapies to support those pursuing the path to true freedom.

Author bio:
Neroli Duffy worked for ten years as a medical doctor in Australia and England. She now serves as a minister, writing and lecturing internationally on spirituality, healing and the teachings of the ascended masters.

See uploaded author photo (may be able to get a better one)

Leave space for photo and similar length bio for Jenny Hunter

Darjeeling Press logo

Bar code (see existing template, but move to lower right to match other Darjeeling Press covers)

Category: Addiction/Spirituality

Price: $11.95 U.S.

Please provide source files and production files used to create the cover so that modify the cover ourselves as needed. (For example, we will need to create a Spanish version of the cover in a few months.)

The book will be sold primarily on Amazon, so the design needs to be readable and stand out even at thumbnail size.

We envision healing, peaceful colors on the cover, avoiding black, red and orange.



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