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Business Info

Who are you?

Name: David Osterhout
I'm a self-published author who has published one book. I used an all inclusive service for editing, formatting and cover design. The all-in price was hefty. For my second book, I'm looking for an ebook and paperback book cover design that will help sell the book and not break the bank.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

Ebook and paperback book cover design.
The ebook will mostly be sold on Amazon and the paperback will be distributed through Createspace. I will also make the book available to bookstores through Ingramspark.

Who Is Your Audience?

The book is about a man who at the time of puberty discovers that he can give a girl an orgasm just by looking at her. The story follows him through many situations over time until his death. It's not a Romance novel because there isn't a happy ending. It's not Erotica because it's not designed raise the prurient interest. It is more of a sexual tragedy using explicit language and graphic sex scenes.
The protagonist does resort to performing a magic show on several occasions.


We Like These Examples

No examples to attach or reference but there are a few suggestions.
1. Since the main character performed a magic act from time to time: a picture of a ripped, bare chested magician with a couple of half-naked ladies at his feet.
2. Since orgasm's are the name of his game, a woman's head, shoulders up with her mouth shaped in an "O" as if she were in the throes.
3. A ripped dude with a blind-folded woman.
I know this sound absurd, but welcome to my life.

We Absolutely Must Have

The title of the book will be : "The One, The Only, The Amazing..." so the cover art will need to visible through, around or beside the title. Since it is a book cover, there will need to be space for verbiage about the author, a synopsis, prices, ISBN numbers etc.



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