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I am self-publishing a book of poetry on Amazon KDP. The target audience for the poetry is anyone who is interested in accessible, moving poems.



The book is called "The Voice Within." The is a book of poems about:
• Vulnerability
• Loss
• Betrayal
• Gaslighting
• Depression
• rediscovering yourself

Here is the current description of the book that will be posted on Amazon:

Loss. Love. Trauma. Recovery. In poems that are raw, accessible, heartbreaking and hopeful, Joshua I. Grant’s The Voice Within explores what it means to lose yourself, to live with mental illness, and to yearn for more. His poems contain truths both severe and full of promise. A promise that once all is lost, you can find yourself. Again.

Here are some subjects and images in the poems:
• water
• learning to swim again
• learning to speak again
• being literally crushed (like grapes) and in pain, yet molded into something everyone loves
• rejoining the world by leaving an island
• romantic loss (the end of relationships and a marriage)
• depression—blackness
• learning to accept depression or demons, yet still later finding light
• being trapped in a hole
• exploring nature
• wandering alone in a cold forest
• learning to care for a tree that’s really me
• observing a bug on a tree grow from a shell to something green and alive again

The book will be published on Amazon KDP in paperback form.


The book is 123 pages. Please format the cover, back cover, and spine to Amazon KDP paperback format (https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/...)

  • Illustrated

  • Typographic

  • Photo

Abstract, Organic, Economical, Mature, Serious, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
Colors to Explore




Preferred Fonts
  • Serif

  • Mono

  • Block Serif

  • No Preference


For the front cover and spine, please include: “The Voice Within” and “Poems By Joshua I. Grant.” "Poems" and "By Joshua I Grant" can be broken up on separate lines, depending on what looks best.

For the back cover, please include the following text and center it on the back cover:

This is a journey through
a spark of hope
and the beginning
of finding yourself

Top 3 Things

Vulnerability, darkness, and hope

Additional Info

Please see the attached "Cover Description" document for examples of book cover design styles I like. In addition, I am interested in a cover with the following:

• Minimalist style
• Simple, clean, modern text or designs
• Conveys emotion
• Uses simple colors: a single color background like white or blue, contrast between colors, or color burst

• Specific ideas:
- a play between white and black/darkness
- a layered blue background
- a burst of colors with a white or black background
- the shadow of a person
- something incorporating water
- a lone person or shadow who has climbed onto a beach
- anything you can imagine



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