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Business Info

Who are you?

Eleora Publishing is a new publishing company with a heartbeat for telling good stories. We are launching our company with the debut novel of our founder, S. Wyatt Young, titled The Tale of the Elm Trees.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

A cover design for The Tale of the Elm Trees. It is a love story, but there is almost nothing about this love story that is erotic, so very few romance novel covers will be of help. (We've provided some that we like below.) As we imagine it, the cover design will involve a lot of greens, browns, and yellowsearthy tones, nothing fluorescent or "hot." The cover should be bright, however, because light is an important theme in the book. Ideally, the cover would feature an elm tree, perhaps with a couple (guy and girl) kissing beneath it, even with one of them (probably him) pushed up against it. (The female character is strong and confident.) The couple's faces, though, should not be discernible. Both have brown hair, and the girl's brown hair is described as thick and long (i.e., upper to mid-back length). Aside from her face, which should not be discernible in the design, she is described simply as "beautiful," which you can take to mean on the petite side, 5'4" to 5'7" tall, with nice features. She's okay wearing heels. And although the man is not described in the book (aside from his brown hair), you can imagine him as being between 5'10" and 6'2" tall.

File deliverables should be in the formats indicated, as appropriate for the cover and its components. Not all deliverables must be in every format. As an example, we imagine that the cover will be delivered in INDD and PDF format, while the images incorporated into the cover will be delivered in JPG, EPS, AI, and/or PSD, as appropriate.

The first award (of $200) will be granted when your design is selected. We will then work together to finalize the details of the design, including the width of the spine (see requirements). The second award (of $200) will be granted once the work is finalized, which will occur no later than the week of 10/19.

Who Is Your Audience?

The target audience is 25-64 years old, both male and female (but primarily female), with some college education or higher. The cover should invite them into a world they wish existed: a world without hurt or pain, a world in which every sad thing, even death itself, has come untrue.


We Like These Examples

We really like the cover of Rachel Van Dyken's book The Bet (photos attached), as well as the covers of Jennifer Probst's books Searching for Beautiful and Searching for Always (photos attached). Notice the brightness in each of these covers as well as the earthy tones. Nicholas Sparks's book The Best of Me also has a decent cover, but it's darker than what we're looking for (photos attached). We've also included some photos of spines and back covers, not necessarily because we like them (although we're not opposed to them), but because they will hopefully give you an idea of how the other books in our market segment go about designing these components of the cover.

We Absolutely Must Have

The cover should be 11.4256" wide by 8.25" tall, with a .125" bleed on all sides. (NOTE: The numbers provided for height and width include the bleed. Without the bleed, the cover is 11.1756" wide by 8" tall.)

The front of the cover, which will run from 6.0506" from the lefthand edge (including the bleed) to the righthand edge, should include: the name of the book (The Tale of the Elm Trees), with the words "A Novel" in small print beneath the title; and the name of the author (S. Wyatt Young). The front cover should leave room for other, small text to be added (like excerpts from reviews). Finally, the author's name should be at least as big as the biggest font of the book title.

The spine of the book, which will run between 5.375" and 6.0506" (including the bleed) from the lefthand edge, should include the title of the book, the author's name, and the imprint that's attached (imprint.png). The title and the author's name should both be rotated 90 degrees so that the bottom of the text is closest to the back cover, but the imprint should be normal (no rotation).

NOTE: The thickness of the spine will need to be adjusted once the manuscript is finalized (which will happen the week of 10/12), but the adjustment will be very minor. The numbers provided are based on a length of 300 pages. The final manuscript will be within 40 pages in either direction of that number, meaning that the total adjustment will be less than one-tenth of an inch. Nevertheless, please account for this in your design.

The back cover, which will run from the lefthand edge to 5.375" from the left (including the bleed) should include the first sentence of the book (in italics, attached as first-sentence.txt) along the top, followed by the title of the book, and then the description (attached as description.txt). Please see the attached file titled "best-of-me-back-cover.jpg" for a good example of the text layout we're looking for. (Note that aside from the text layout, the design does not necessarily need to follow that example.)

Along the bottom edge of the back cover will be miscellaneous data about the book. Please leave a 2" x 1.2" white box along the bottom edge (somewhere) for the ISBN barcode. The information along the bottom edge should also include the attached logo (logo.png), as well as the word "FICTION" (in all caps), the words "Cover 2015 by Eleora, Inc.", the words "Also available as an ebook.", and the words "Printed in the U.S.A." The attached best-of-me-back-cover.jpg may be of use here to see how this information looks in other books in our segment of the market. We have also included a few other back covers as well. Finally, please leave room on the back cover for small text to be added (namely, excerpts from reviews).



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