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Business Info

Who are you?

Cindy Carroll- a nutritionist- Registered Dietitian and registered nurse

What is your industry?

Health Care and Biotech

What do you need?

A book cover for my EBook and bound copy.

The book is about carbohydrates and how to find your carbohydrate tolerance. The name is:

The Seductive Land of Carbs: Carbobesity and Carbogut- How to Avoid

I'm open to many visions but one may be showing some kind of landscape with two themes 1. (carbobesity) obesity and 2. (carbo-gut) a disturbed GI tract with too many unfriendly organisms. or just a graphic of a big belly or I'm open to even, no images or graphics but just a nice text/font and color, maybe with the words carbobesity and carbo gut swollen or rounded.

Also on the cover may be the sentences:
Find Your Carbohydrate Tolerance?
We all have one.
Determine the amount and type of carbohydrate that best fits your heart and GI tract

Carbohydrates to Fit You

Basically, the book is an education about the nutrient carbohydrates and how it affects our body in two distinct ways 1. by affecting our blood sugar and requiring the need for insulin and 2. by affecting our gut environment and its microflora.

Carbohydrate's affect on both of these systems hugely affects our health.

So, I'd like the cover to reflect this: I'm open to many visions but one is showing some k

Who Is Your Audience?

Potentially, a lot of people......overweight and people with GI issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac etc. Really anyone who wants to learn more about the nutrient, carbohydrate. Its not a diet book or a low carb book; it's an awakening about the nutrient, carbohydrate, to better understand how it affects our body and how you can determine your own tolerance by assessing your risk factors for two distinct paths carbohydrate takes in our bodies and by following one of two systemic carbohydrate plans.


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I don't have any examples.

We Absolutely Must Have

Would like to have the highest resolution for also printing a paperback.



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