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This is not about an organization. It's about a bookcover.



There will be a total of three books, all of which are ready for publishing. This first one is an examination of spirituality, with some poetry mixed in. The other two books are poetry related to spirituality and social issues. These are not religious books. The covers will need a consistent theme. The interested artists should consider influences like spirituality, quantum physics, quarks, nature, cosmic energy, and so on. I don't know if this is photography or graphic illustrations. I'm leaving that up to the artist. I am the author of all three books. The plan is to publish all three with Kindle Direct. The book cover has to be formatted for both Kindle Direct ebooks and print paperbacks, and a hardcover version to use with a possible third-party distributor. I may include ISBN barcodes to be added on the hardcover and paperback.


The book covers have to meet Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) ebook and paperback requirements, sized for an 8.5X5.5 paperback configuration, and the same size hardcover version for later publication.

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Minimal, Feminine, Abstract, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Serious, Modern
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Title: The Irreducible Primary
Sub-title: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition
Rob Taylor (Author Name)
The spine is just author name and book title.
Smaller text at the bottom of the front cover: Foreword by Maria Gianna Iannucci
The back cover will be in two text sections, with a small author photo in the top left corner. The bottom right corner will require space for the ISBN barcode.
See attached files.

Top 3 Things

1. The cover should convey a positive, but captivating spiritual, cosmic, nature tone.
2. Abstract-ish, graphic representations of string theory and quantum mechanics influence might work well. Just a thought.
3. Having said all that, the cover should not be too busy, but still engaging.



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