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I am the daughter of former major league baseball player, Greg Pryor. I am working with my dad to publish a book of 27 different stories about events/stories that occurred during Greg's amateur and pro baseball career through the ‘60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Each chapter will begin with the words, “The Day That”, and the title of the book will be “The Day The Yankees Made Me Shave”. Story subjects will be about Greg’s personal recollections of playing in the famous Pine Tar Game in Yankee Stadium, playing shortstop in the Disco Demolition game in Comiskey Park, being a member of the 1985 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, being called a dumbass by George Steinbrenner, loaning George Brett his bat when George stroked his 2,000th hit, hitting 3 walk-off home runs, and many other notable events. Our target audience is sports fans worldwide, since many of the stories in the book relate to various teams, Hall of Fame players, and widely recognized baseball events. Greg Pryor was a pro baseball player for 16 years, has been married for 37 years, a father of 3 daughters, a small business owner of a health & nutrition company, and a grandfather of 2. He desires to make sure that his descendants have access to a personal account of the most interesting events that he experienced in his baseball career.



The topic of the book is baseball. Each chapter, or story, is written with the pretense "The Day That..." and followed with items such as "...George Steinbrenner Called Me a Dumbass", or "... I Got Called Up To The Big Leagues", or "... Bo Jackson Was Traded To My Team", or "... Tony LaRussa Pinch Hit Minnie Minoso For Me" - among many others. The author of the book is Greg Pryor, himself. The book will be both published in physical copies as well as digital electronic copies online through Amazon, Apple and others. We are working with MLB right now to publish, but have the potential to self-publish also. We plan to finish the book by December of 2017, and go to print and start sending copies out by April of 2018 (when the next baseball season begins).



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Title: "The Day The Yankees Made Me Shave" Secondary: "and other days in the 16 year career of a professional baseball player" Author: "Greg Pryor", potential to use traditional Yankees font in the title, use vintage photo of Greg Pryor in his pinstripe and Yankees uniform (I can provide).

“Alternative secondary text: …"and other stories about how an undrafted high school player ended up as a World Series champion.”

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1. These unique baseball stories are rare, unheard, and at times comical 2. All baseball fans will love this book, 3. Greg Pryor lived an extraordinary career in professional baseball.

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We are inspired to write this book because Greg has some incredible stories to tell; that need to be told. We have a photo of Greg to use for the cover of him in his pinstripe Yankee's jersey. You can visit www.gregorypryor.com <http://www.gregorypryor.com/> for his photo and others for inspiration. George Brett was a former teammate of Greg Pryor's, so any of George Brett's books would be a good place to start also.



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