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Business Info

Who are you?

Author, first time. Self-publishing.

What is your industry?

Financial Services

What do you need?

Color book cover for a trade paperback. Including spine and back. Expecting 9x6" Back cover area must have area set for standard ISBN, bar code and publisher info. The back cover can have intriguing graphics too about the concepts described here. The book is an introduction to an alternate way of saving money safely while providing access to it while you are saving. It is a marketing tool to educated people and give them hope and desire to know more and take action to improve their lives and their family's lives for generations to come. To be able to afford life's costs without going into debt with banks. To be able to use the tools of rich dynastic families to conserve and pass on wealth.

Who Is Your Audience?

People who do not consider themselves sophisticated investors or savers. Average person, in the working age range, employed or professional who wants to save money safely and is concerned about the future. People with children or grandchildren. Also distrustful of banks, the Federal Reserve and wall street. Probably confused by all the conflicting information. People who desire a better option for savings, who want a stable, perhaps novel way of turning the tables on the banking elite.


We Like These Examples

Looking for ideas, so these are wild guesses. ABHAY SHARMA "BUSINESS (NOT) AS USUAL". Robert Kiosaki books. L. Carlos Lara "How Privatized Banking Really Works". Have personal picture on the front with a symbolic picture of the institutions discussed.

We Absolutely Must Have

My picture on the cover (file provided). The Title "Stop Being Poor" The subtitle "and Learn How to Free Yourself from the Banks" My Name as the author "Marc Solomon". Room for back cover description text and bar code, ISBN, publisher info and price.



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