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I have completed my first novel soon to be self-published, and I am looking for a book cover that makes people want to open it up and read the book. It may be self-published but I really want the cover to be professional and eye catching. I have a professional artist who has completed over 310 black and white drawings for the interior of the book. She is willing to do the full-color, life-like drawing for the cover but I just don't know what to tell her to draw.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

Book cover for 69 Shades of Nashville (especially need a great idea for the front cover). Here is the copy for back cover:

Sociopathic Sex Southern Style

NashvilleKitty is a sociopath. Dont worry. She doesnt want to hurt you. She just wants to screw you, literally.
After years doing it the old-fashioned way, NashvilleKitty joins a cheaters dating website sending her on the scintillating, full-throttle, erotic thrill-ride of her dreams. The serial tryst artist is keenly aware of her sociopathic powers, leveraging them to get anything and anyone she wants. The more men she possesses, the more she craves, until she finds a soul as pure as they come among adulterers. As danger and violence threaten to turn her sweet cheaters dream into a nightmare, this special someone shows her a way out. But will this sociopath change?
Witness this gorgeous, conniving wife attempt to satisfy her sexual insatiable cravings for married men and the occasional married woman in bedrooms and living rooms, on pool tables and counter tops, and against leather backseats and restaurant booths across Music City. But pay attention she, or someone like her, might already by your neighbor!

Praise for NashvilleKitty
A poignant expos on the sociopaths hidden among us and what drives them. --SexyShrink4U
Shes a Jesus freak without the Jesus. --OhLord69
Crazy in the head means better in bed. --MasterBetaMale
Am I the only one who sees 69s in all the drawings? --EasterEggHunter
She gives great emoji head. Too bad she blocked me. --#U2nite
I LOVE you NashvilleKitty! Even if you call it a curse word. --Neva2Late2Bait

Who Is Your Audience?

Women 30-70 (audience of 50 Shades Of Grey)
although given drawings (really more R rated than X rated) hope for a male audience as well

This is an "outside-the-box" book that does not fit well into one genre. It starts with a 911 transcript where a bloody dead body is found and then becomes first person fictional memoir written by a sociopath with the murder coming later near the end. It also has over 310 black and white drawings (all with a hidden 69 to add to the fun). It is a psychological thriller with erotica leanings complete with drawings (one almost every page but not quite enough to be a graphic novel). It does not fit into one category so figuring out what should be on the cover has been tricky.


We Like These Examples

I have gone through many ideas on the book cover. My artist drew something for the back cover (will attach) of NashvilleKitty on a throne surrounded by men worshiping her with a blanket of red on the ground with a knife to the side, but I think it may be too busy. I had considered just a sexy full body of NashvilleKitty holding a whip with the title above, to the sides, and below her (perhaps in a scratchy font). One of the main purposes of the book is to educate people about sociopaths in an entertaining format, so I had thought of a surreal drawing with the attractive NashvilleKitty looking into a mirror with brain exposed in the mirror (revealing the mind of a sociopath) but I think exposed brain may be too icky. Had considered the Nashville skyline in the background (batman building most recognizable part). But less complicated may be better. Had also thought of NashvilleKitty somehow straddling a 69 or something.

We Absolutely Must Have

The main character NashvilleKitty must be on the front. Her favorite color is red so had imagined book cover a kinda red velvet color (not fire engine red but more sexy) and with light pink font for words (am open to suggestion on font style - have seen a scratchy font that looking interesting). Should have title "69 Shades of Nashville" and was thinking of having "A Graphically Enhanced Novel" on front (I have been looking at lots of covers and they all say "a novel" so thought could mention the drawings). I do have a subtitle but think it would be best across the top on the back cover "Sociopathic Sex Southern Style" - although have gotten mixed reviews on subtitle so open to suggestions, may be best left off. I like the idea of a thumbnail of NashvilleKitty's face on the book spine but not an absolute necessity.



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