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Business Info

Who are you?

My name is Kelly Labonte. I am not a chef, nor a celebrity. I am an average gal who loves to cook and has been told countless times over the years to open a restaurant or write a book. So here it is...my official opening of the can. I work in a male dominated field and have a pretty strong grasp of the male psyche...or about as strong a grasp as anyone with estrogen flowing through their veins can possibly possess. I made the decision to write a cookbook for men...for the average guy who wants to cook to impress, and I'm confident my readers... my 'Dicks' will enjoy this.

What is your industry?

Food and Beverage

What do you need?

I need a cookbook cover for both an eBook and a print version to be sold on Amazon and various other indie publishing sites. The cover needs to be catchy - and serve well as both a thumbnail and a paper cover. I plan on promoting my book for pre-sale for the month of November so would require at least the digital book cover as soon as possible, with the final book jacket design complete by mid November. I also need the cover to portray "Dick" - who should be a fictional character representative of men from all backgrounds and culinary abilities. Dick isn't a chef, but he can impress in the kitchen.

Who Is Your Audience?

The book is written for men of all backgrounds who want to be functional yet impressive in the kitchen. It is written with a humourous undertone whereas the reader is referred to as Dick throughout the entire book. The recipes are relatively simple but provide enough variety for any situation. Each recipe is explained in detail, providing tips and guidance to readers who find themselves confused in the kitchen. Chapters are arranged by social situations that are common in the lives of men.


We Like These Examples

I'm going on blind faith and favourable reviews. I want original but simple.

We Absolutely Must Have

I am looking for a character of sorts that represents "Dick" - a character that most men can relate to. I do not want a real person, but rather a cartoon version of Dick and I would like to see him portrayed in some type of cooking environment. Dick needs to be an average guy - but a confident one. Aside from the character of Dick, it would be only the book title "See Dick Cook" and my name. I am also thinking about adding a subtitle "A Culinary Voyage for the Average Man" - or something to that effect.



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