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Author of self help, wellness and personal development books, a life coach and tutor of courses that help people improve their life and achieve their potential. Now working on my second book for publish early in the New Year



Self publishing on Amazon and self promoted through my usual channel and following. Available in ebook and paperback . Like a girl was so often a phase used as an insult growing up. You throw like a girl, you run like a girl, you cry like a girl. It meant inferior, weaker in some way. However it transpires as I grew up I did run like a girl and I won most of my races, I played football like a girl and as a result was better than most boys in my class but still not allowed to play on the school team!

In my 15 years in personal development, corporate management and working with people I’ve watched female leaders try to be more like men to succeed when all they needed to do is be more like themselves – like a girl

This book is about how to embrace the empowerment of what being like a girl is. Being more like yourself. Embracing our uniqueness and being authentically you. How to we find balance is a world that places so much expectation on us, a life that is so busy where we juggle so many balls in our bid to fulfil our own expectations and create a life that is as close to perfect as we can manage. How do we navigate the challenges we face, overcome fear and deal with failure. Understand how we build resilience to weather the tough times and overcome self doubt to achieve our goals. Set boundaries and learn to love yourself again. With practical advice to learn how to uncover your brilliance and thrive at life. Tap into the strengths we naturally possess as women to reach your potential and be the best version of yourself.


specifications as per amazon https://www.createspace.com/Products/Boo...

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Title should be on the cover 'Like a girl' and my name as well as the block colour image i have in mind as a background to cover the front and back cover. Would also like the female logo to appear on the front in black siloette but showing a cape not a dress in superhero format

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Thrive, Empowerment, Potential,

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https://www.createspace.com/Products/Boo... Looking for a colour scheme of block colours pinks, purples etc running horizontally



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