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It is about prayer. It is now on Createspace (3827249) as Lord Teach Us to Pray but I want to change the title and cover. The author is Tony Whelan but I would rather my name not be on it. It will now be called Prayer


6 x 9 " with 1/4 " spine

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May deep peace
true love
and lasting joy
be yours
in this life now
and forever
These words above would be on the cover with the p from line one highlighted, r from 2nd line, a from third, y from 4th, e from 5th and r from last. (To spell prayer) If u read the first 7 pages of the book Lord Teach Us to Pray by Tony Whelan on Createspace u will get an idea of the book. (although ignore the 21 days thing - I'm not doing that in the rewrite) The idea is that we pray bc God is real and interacts with us in mysterious ways - it leads to peace, love, joy... So a sense of vibrancy, love, joy life that God is, that we can know in prayer.

On the back I want the words of Jean Vanier (uploaded image) rewritten so there r not words crossed out, but with the same handwriting but a bit more legible. What is uploaded is what he actually wrote for me. It should also have his signature, which should not be hard to find and a pic of him or a scetch, preferably with a big smile. The words he wrote are: This is a beautiful book to help us to grow and become true disciples of Jesus. Prayer is to take time with Jesus. It is to be in His presence and so to become like Him and to love people as He loves people. I put "to help us" bc his words would not make sense otherwise: "for us ? in order" It is true to the spirit of what he wanted to say, and I know he would be fine with that. His endorsement means a lot.

Top 3 Things

The idea that prayer will lead to these love, joy and peace both now and forever.

Additional Info

On the back I want the words of Jean Vanier which I will upload on the next page. He scribbled some words out as he wrote so I want you to take those scribbles out or imitate his writing and leave out the scribbles. Maybe we should put his picture or a scetch of him.



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