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Business Info

Who are you?

I'm Eric Barnum, an independent fantasy author. If you search my name, or the title "Malcor's Story" on Amazon, you'll find this project. I had an illustrator lined up to do Malcor's Story but they missed multiple deadlines and I had to do something by myself... and as you can see, it's not all that great.

This project is to redo the the cover art.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

I need front, back, and spine cover art. This will be a less than 40 mg PDF file for ### pages.

I also need just the cover as a JPG without no text for my own purposes.

Lastly, I need the front cover with title and author name "Eric K. Barnum" suitable for posting to the internet.

Who Is Your Audience?

10+ years old but primarily adult high fantasy/epic fantasy. You can see the reviews on Amazon or read the book yourself and get an idea of it.


We Like These Examples

These examples are examples. I will not accept copies or modifications to the examples.

We Absolutely Must Have

Malcor Kell'Tayris experiences Time as flashes of brilliance that help him enter the paladin trials. His dreams of knighthood along with this genius gift set him on a quest of legend. Seeing Time murder him, killing those he cares for, everyone he knows, he struggles to become a divine warrior. Watching Time's flow, he learns how to wield it to join the mightiest of Tania's paladin orders, to fight the strongest foes, to face the greatest of challenges. In his blood, lays dormant berserker rage, a truce with shadow dragons, and a prophecy of the king to be. Malcor struggles with fury to stay true to his faith.

Trials of pain, dragon fear, and a quest to slay a mighty foe take him into a head-on collision with necromantic gods that threatens the shadow dragons' return back from darkness and heresy. Malcor's passion and his allure to the shadow dragons threaten the straight path of faith and force a choice: will he remain true or fall to the shadows? When gods rage and Time slays, Malcor's choices and dreams drive his quest beyond even prophecy and faith.

While I am open to ideas and any submission, Malcor is a young burn-scarred paladin of 19 years. He is not tall, charming, or handsome. He's about 5'10, bulky and strong. He has no hair from a fire accident in his youth. By the end of this book, he has many more scars.

I'd love to show Malcor kneeling before a titanic and epic dragon. He'd be kneeling before the dragon holding his sword forward, blade out from (not across) his body. His sword, called the Apprentice Sword in the book and later renamed Coming Undone, is very magical.

If the dragon idea and its size is too conceptually difficult, there are scenes in the book where Malcor presents his sword to two priestesses - one Ice and the other fire. If you'd like to do those, PM me and I'll send you descriptions from the book.

An additional idea, that would make for a fun cover, is to show Malcor, armored up walking through a river of chromatic flames, where dragon forms are apparent just barely in the flames.

The example picture I retitled "Malcor before Dragon" is awesome.



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