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I am an author of several award-winning books. I need an eye-catching cover for a self-published book. Target audience: anyone interested in learning about Jesus. Although this is a Christian book, I am NOT looking for anything overtly religious (NO church steeples, altars, angels, halos, etc.). Nor do I want scenery, such as you find on many Christian books. Yawn. Some design suggestions below.



LETTERS FROM JESUS, written by Paul Ellis, is about the timeless message of love and hope found in Christ’s letters to the seven churches of Revelation. This title will be published by KingsPress. (Check out www.kingspress.org for other award-winning book covers, some designed right here on CrowdSpring.)


5.5" x 8.5" with spine about .5" thick

  • Typographic

  • Illustrated

Organic, Concrete, Economical, Mature, Serious, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
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Title: Letters from Jesus
Subtitle: Finding Good News in Christ’s Letters to the Churches
Author: Paul Ellis, Author of The Hyper-Grace Gospel
Backcover blurb and bio: I will provide this later

Top 3 Things

Feel free to go in one of several directions:

1. Ancient: These are 2000 year old letters. You could go for a dusty, Indiana Jones kind of vibe, as though a pile of old letters had just been unearthed. Or you could opt for a leathery, old-Bible kind of feel, as though we were looking at an ancient package.

2. Personal: I’ve got mail from Jesus?! What does he say? Design something that conveys the intimacy of personal correspondence.

3. Bold: We have letters from the Son of God?! Who knew these even existed? Have an eye-popping title to convey a sense of wow!

4. Something completely different – I’m open to creative suggestions.

Additional Info

I expect an outstanding cover, but don’t get carried away with the artwork - the title is the main thing. It needs to pop! It also needs to be recognizable at 80 x 115 pixels when viewed as an Amazon thumbnail. Shortlisted covers will be submitted to a panel of friends for final selection.



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