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Author of a kids book

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Publishing and Media

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A book cover for a book titled Jamie's Top Secret Pet.

I'm looking for design and ideas. The pet can't be seen...maybe just an eye peering out of a blanket or pile of clothes etc. The eye needs to be friendly - very puppy-dog like. I've attached an image of the pet from the illustrator that I've chosen for the book.

The eye peering out is just one idea, it doesn't need to show anything..could just be a lump under a blanket but something that is intriguing.

The pet eats jelly beans and I will upload the image of the jelly beans I'm using as well. I'm using work from two different artists in the book and will be inviting them both to work on this project. BUT I have added a second award so anyone who comes up with the great design or concept that I use will get $200 for their contribution even if I don't end up using their images.

I want it to look mysterious...to make parents and kids want to open the book and find out what kind of pet is eating those jelly beans.

Please note that the pet doesn't have legs so no footprints.

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Like some of Xue Wana's stuff

Some of my favourite covers...
The Keepers
Where the Wild Things are (like the contrast and darkness)
Good Night, Fairies
Classic Animal Stories (with animals surrounding the title - like the mystery created by shadow)
These are just general things that appeal - not looking specifically at any kind of artistic technique

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Pile of jelly beans
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