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I write stories that mostly appeal to woman. I write magical realism. I write to help open a window in the minds and hearts of those who need to examine things from a different perspective. I try to tell each story in such a way as to not threaten their way of thinking, but to get them to examine a new way of seeing things.



Fiction/Cynthia Rogan/Self-published -Createspace/Amazon I guess. Here is a a blurb from the query: Switch is a timely, grown up Freaky Friday, deeply infused in the Southern Gothic tradition, steeped in the racial politics of two centuries, and set against the backdrop of the rich history of the south. Warning: There are things buried under your mama’s black-eyed Susans that, when loosed, can change you forever and make you wish you’d listened when she told you not to dig there.
In modern-day Atlanta, Pinky Harper wants a full-time reporting job, a faithful lover, and a guarantee that she hasn’t inherited her father’s schizophrenia. For weeks, all her daddy’s been talking about are the two young girls he’s watching over. He swears the girls—one black, the other, white—are from the year 1915 where something they found in a flowerbed magically switched them into each other’s bodies. Pinky is sure the girls are her father’s most recent hallucination so she ignores him until he risks his life trying to protect them. With her father in the hospital, Pinky sets out to find the truth. She follows the girls’ stories to Sweet Vine, Alabama, where the only woman who can answer her questions has vanished from her nursing home. Pinky’s investigation draws her into the depths of racism—past and present—puts her, her father, and the girls in danger, and twists her perception of reality and fantasy, until she begins to fear for her own sanity.


9" x13" (including the spine) I think that's right.

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Abstract, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Classic, Minimal, Feminine, Serious
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danger, friendship, change

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I would like the background of the cover to look old and I've attached some samples of old-looking book covers. I would also like to see some mull cloth (also attached) on both corners of the spine as you might see if a book was worn or very old. I would also like the artwork to look like a sepia photo if possible. I might change my mind or this when I see it but, I still imagine it that way. What I envision is this: Two 9 year old girls in dresses seen from behind. One is black. One is white. The black child is barefoot. The white child has shoes and socks (I attached a picture of period specific) and her dress is a little fancier (ruffles or lace). They are not holding hands but, where their hands would join, they are each holding an edge of the same small green crystal bowl. The next directions might be too busy but, would it be possible to show a dirt path in the woods behind them and a busy street in modern day Atlanta in front of them?



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