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Business Info

Who are you?

"Hell Toupee" is a tragicomic memoir I've written. It is largely centered around a one-year period in the early '90s when I made the very ill-advised decision to combat my quickly balding head by joining Hair Club For Men. The results were a disaster, and happened while I was at a key point in my budding career as a sketch comedy/improv performer in NYC. The remainder of the book is flashbacks to other humorously awkward situations I put myself in as I was growing up.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

I'd like a cover for my 5"x8" book. Preferably a front and back cover, with a spine. The back cover can be some simple variation on the front, good for adding text to, etc.

I'm hoping for something eye-catching, graphic, and potentially amusing, but it doesn't have to be.
My name (Mitch Friedman) should appear on the front cover, too.

Attached is a quick cover I threw together, which I'd like you to consider as the worst possible result I'm looking for. In other words, shame me into being the amateur designer that I surely am!

Who Is Your Audience?

My audience is people who read books by David Sedaris, Bill Bryson, Paul Feig, Gary Shteyngart, and their ilk.


We Like These Examples


I like the XTC cover because of its cleverness and colors, Jurassic Park because of its simplicity but obviousness, and pretty much every single cover on the minimalist blog because I like minimalism that smartly and cleverly sums up the main thrust of a book.

We Absolutely Must Have

Hell Toupee

Mitch Friedman



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