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Business Info

Who are you?

I'm a former lawyer, married to a former hedge funder, and back when the economy tanked and I was kindly advised to find new employment, I wrote a murder mystery set in the places I knew best: the hedge funds and law firms of Manhattan. I've recovered from being laid off (and from being a lawyer in the first place), but I need your help for this last step: I need to let this little book go out into the wild.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

I need a simple and striking book cover for my Kindle release. My protagonist is a young trader (male, caucasian-- sorry to be boring, per usual) on the run after stumbling across evidence that points to a murder covering up a multi-billion dollar fraud. I'm thinking a stock graph (trending down like a crash, or peaking and then trending down), which pierces through a silhouetted falling man (a la Mad Men), with a single drop of blood pooling downwards into the title somehow.

Who Is Your Audience?

Before e-books, my audience was the businessman picking up a thriller at the airport about the world he knew. Now, my audience is anyone looking for some solace during the morning commute, in the shape of an insider's fictional account of murder and high-stakes finance.


We Like These Examples

I like a stock graph over skyscraper windows, instead of actual grids.
The Wall Street Bull would also be a cool object to pierce through the silhouette man, instsead of the down graph.

We Absolutely Must Have

Some guy on the run, or falling, or bleeding out or something dramatic and tense.
The title and the name "D. Parker" must be prominently displayed.



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