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Business Info

Who are you?

I am an author of a book that explores solutions to critical issues that we, Americans, face everyday.

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

We need a cover for a book. The cover will be initially used for eBook and later for the print version. As part of this project, I am looking for the front cover for the eBook and the thumbnail. However, the design and dimensions must be as such to allow it to be extended to the back cover.

The title of the book is Yield for Oncoming Greatness. The subtitle is The Power of Non-partisan Compromise to Restore Americas Glory.

The size is 8.5 inch by 5.5 inch.

Title: Yield for Oncoming Greatness
Subtitle: The Power of Non-partisan Compromise to Restore Americas Glory
Author: Matt N Tabrizi

On the cover, the designer can choose to have, in order, the title and author's name or the title, subtitle, and author's name.

This project focuses on the design idea. Simply, we will choose a great idea for the cover over a great execution of a not-so-good idea.

A great design idea is one that makes the good stand out among many other titles and is relevant.

The front cover and thumbnail may be the same or can be slightly different.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience: US residents, 16 years and older. This is the population that are affected by the policies we discuss in the book.


We Like These Examples

Please see our website for more information about the book: www.yfog.us. The site should be up and running by the 20th of November. Please contact me by email if any questions: info@yfog.us

We Absolutely Must Have

A front cover and thumbnail. See "What do you need?" section.



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