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Business Info

Who are you?

Im Craig P. Roberts, a science fiction and fantasy writer from the Highlands of Scotland. Im particularly interested in writing low fantasy that crosses over into science fiction. My work is character driven and tends to explore primal human nature in a grimdark setting with a hint of humor thrown in.

My aim with this project is to end up with a gritty, edgy, eye catching book cover that stands out from the crowd on Amazon listings and book shelves. I want to create something that rivals the BEST book designs out there!

What is your industry?

Publishing and Media

What do you need?

I am needing a book cover designed for the first novel in my fantasy series: A Poisoned Land (Episode 1: Dark Lies). The cover needs to have a dark feel to itedgy and daring. I have provided 3 JPGs which go into a lot of descriptive detail and also provide examples of the sort of thing Im looking for.

Here is an editorial review of the book to give you a flavor of what its all about:

"A character driven epic dark fantasy that owes much to the modern "Grimdark" tradition, following multiple viewpoints as a conspiracy is uncovered in a world that is hiding its true nature from those who live there. The book is likely to appeal to fans of Game of Thrones and the books of Joe Abercrombie. There is a science fiction element, too, a mashing up of genres that occurs to the end of the book in the final revelations about the reality of the lands in question. This mixing of low fantasy and technology is what marks the book out from others within the genre.

As mentioned the initial appeal of the book is that it is within the fantasy genre and more specifically has much in common with the "Grimdark" tradition of realistic violence (and sex!) as well as moral ambiguities and so forth that typical high fantasy does not usually deal with. There is a nice twist in that elements of science fiction seem to creep in towards the end, offering a slightly unusual take on the genre, which is good to see."

Who Is Your Audience?

Referring back to the editorial review: The book is likely to appeal to fans of Game of Thrones and the books of Joe Abercrombie. So it is very much an adult booknot erotica, but does contain graphic content and hard hitting story lines.

The cover needs to portray the three elements that the book has been described as: daring, gritty and honest. Things arent pretty in the book: so it needs to be dirty, grimy, but still with a sexual edge (not erotica however). More like a rugged Spartacus type feel. All of this is explained more in the JPGs that have been attached.


We Like These Examples

I have provided lots of examples in the attached JPGs, including some works by Peter V Brett and also the cover to the Spartacus DVD. Some of the layouts in the new Star Wars novels have also been included as examples of how the layout for text would possibly work for the cover. And Ive copied in some background examples too.

We Absolutely Must Have

All of these points are explained in the JPGs but heres a summary:
* An athletic looking, young, good looking, warrior type character, prominent on the cover with vibrant blue eyes.
* The Broken Moon in the background
* Text that stands out, even in a thumbnail on Amazon
* A Poisoned Land the series title
* Dark Lies the book title (That's it's new name).
* Episode 1 the book number in the series
* Craig P. Roberts
* An epic dramatic desert scene/feel to the background
* The full rap around cover (spine and back) - see Photoshop file for the back cover text etc



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