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Who are you?

I am independent fantasy author. If you search "Dar Tania" or "Malcor's Story" on Amazon, you'll find this book - Dar Tania - and another book I'm looking for cover art for.

What is your industry?


What do you need?

I need a 6" x 9" cover for a 123 page book. Because the spine is narrow, I'd love to figure out a way to have book title "Dar Tania" and E.K. Barnum appear on spine even if print is tiny. Full name Eric K. Barnum should appear on cover. The back page will include book description and needs to leave space for ISBN bar code.

This book is already published and I want to redo the cover art.

Who Is Your Audience?

High fantasy readers ages 10+ with a 9th grade plus reading level. This book is already published and you can see reviews, etc here on Amazon. If you have an interest in reading fantasy by Raymond E. Feist, David Goulding, Brent Walker, Brent Sanderson, Tolkien (of course), George Martin, etc then you are also part of my target audience.

You can see the comments and reviews on Amazon or visit my blog at darmalcor.weebly.com for more details


We Like These Examples

This is the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dar-Tania-Prieste...

I will share examples as file attachments. Please do not copy any of the examples; I am looking for original art. You can also view my blog at:


Where I have posted content and styles that I really like for this fantasy story.

We Absolutely Must Have

Dar Tania focuses on a 17 year old girl named Dar Tania. She is part of a barbarian tribe that worships a totem headed by a titanic red fire-breathing dragon. Every member of the tribe has to face the dragon as part of their adulthood rites. What they don't know is that the dragon, named Alerius, has been selectively encouraging matches between members while teaching the tribes survival techniques in hopes that one day, through thousands of years, at least one if not more will be able to understand that he is not a god, but a servant of the dragon goddess, Tiamat.

Dar becomes the first girl to hear Tiamat's voice and become a priestess. With that first change, the tribes start to become an empire. This story is about Dar's transformation to a priestess leading a powerful nation of warriors. There are two other dragons as well, an ice-dragon and a lightning dragon. These three dragons form the basis of rulership for this new empire.

Dar Tania herself must be prominently featured in the art. She has red hair alight with fire, a very pale complexion. The same color as her hair, her lips and eyes glow with fire, like embers after a hot bonfire. Of note, this fantasy setting is not Caucasion. When I say "pale complexion" think of Asian pale. The people in this country would look like a cross between Kubla Khan and dark-haired Vikings.

Dar was just a normal girl (almost black wild hair, dirt on her face, feathers tied into her hair, think of a pale-skinned Mongolian) before the goddess Tiamat chose her. Her people wear leather armor mixed with pieces of metal armor. Bone jewelry and functional gear would be worn. Clothing would be strips of leather and fur woven and tied in place around the body. Now the goddess' avatar, she has been transformed and is beautiful. Everything about her has been transcended. She is taller, stronger in an athletic or gymnast way, and serene. I do not want my work sexualized. Some examples of what I'd love to see as submissions:
- Dar before and after standing back to back. Normal Dar is playing with her hair. Transcended Dar is looking sidways at the reader.
- Dar kneels before a hill. On top of the hill, three giant rough-hewn obelisks rise up a hundred feet into the sky. This is where the Temple will be built. A dragon hand holds one and far distant (to suggest size) red dragon eyes look down at Dar.
- Dar is standing next to the totem of Fish, Deer, Horse, Wolf, and Dragon. She has her hand on it and is looking up at the totem, which is burning away at her touch.
- Tiamat - a five headed dragon (ice/white, lightning/blue, fire/red, acid/black, poison gas/green) is looking down at Dar who is kneeling before her. A single talon touches Dar's forehead.
- Alerius, the fire-breather the tribes have been worshiping for thousands of years, holds Dar in his hand. She holds a talon for balance and looks out over the world

You're also welcome to read the book and select a scene from it. The pictures below are examples I found on the internet where I thought - that could work for Dar Tania. As noted, I do not want Dar sexualized. Beautiful, yes but her entire culture values function over form. Low-cut bras, dresses that would get tangled during fighting, long flowing hair that could become a liability, armor that is barely a bikini - her people would laugh at these notions.

At the end of the project, I need:
- A total cover for the book that is a PDF that is less than 40 megabytes
- a JPG of just the front cover with no text for my own use
- a JPG of the just the front cover with author name and title suitable for posting on my blog



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